Series 5, Quest 5. Sylvester Hands attempts to rob new dungeoneer, Jenna.

Series 5 Quest 5

By Keith McDonald

Team 5: Jenna, Andrea, Kelly and Anna from Exeter.

The fifth quest of Series 5 was for the Crown and lasted 19 minutes.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Jenna, the dungeoneer.

Level 1

Jenna follows the Eye Shield to a clearing where she finds clues.

A scroll reads: 'Buy aniseed. Don't open the box.'

She takes gold and a box, leaving behind a key and a bottle of poison.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Brother Mace rows Jenna across the lake.

Jenna reaches a jetty, where Brother Mace is waiting in a boat. He says the aniseed is needed for a flight on Smirkenorff.

Brother Mace: "A donation to the mother church would be in order, but I fear you're going to need every penny you've got."

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Julius Scaramonger tries to sell Jenna an item.

In Wolfenden, Julius Scaramonger tries to sell Jenna a potion-mixing bottle.

She asks for aniseed instead, exchanging it for gold. Scaramonger also offers a spyglass as a show of goodwill.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. A view of Sylvester Hands through Lord Fear's globe.

Spyglass: Fear lacks confidence in Sylvester Hands to catch the dungeoneer, so he will set assassins and a blocker. He gives Hands the password, 'Sacrifice'.

In the Greenwood, Pickle senses an assassin. Jenna shouts to scare them off.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Jenna is followed by assassins through Wolfglade.

Gwendoline the Greenwarden rushes in, incensed at the noise. She shoots at the assassins to stop them tracking Jenna.

Jenna reaches a courtyard, where Sylvester Hands approaches her. He plans to sell the box she is carrying, but Pixel flies out and stings him until he leaves.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Sylvester Hands takes a box from Jenna.

Jenna uses the password to escape the Blocker. Treguard tell them to leave a sword in a stone, in case the wall returns.

The causeway is made up of tiles with questing symbols.

Treguard: "The path of aggression, or the path of defence. The choice is yours..."


The team begins on the path of defence, but then Jenna is guided onto a sword. Down she goes.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Jenna falls from the causeway after stepping on a sword.

Treguard: "You chose the right path, team, but you didn't stay on it."

Later, Andrea told us what went wrong.

That second symbol looked like a Frightknight's helmet from where I was sat... Kelly and I both agreed that's what it was, and that we should head for the sword. We were also under a lot of pressure from Treguard who kept telling us to hurry.


Hear from the team

In November 2000, dungeoneer Jenna signed the guestbook:

I only died so early on because they gave us the toughest floor puzzle on the first level - it wasn't our fault!

It was great fun crashing into blue walls and saying really stupid things, so that friends could laugh at me for years to come - it's an experience everyone should have!


My one regret was that I didn't get to ride Smirkenorff.

In January 2001, advisor Andrea signed the guestbook:

This is a fantastic site - I'm very impressed! Boy, does it bring back memories!

A few of my drawings were featured in The Quest's 'Knightmare Knews' pages and it's great to see them on your site.

Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Andrea, an advisor.

I still die with embarrassment when I remember how badly our team did on the programme (and how bad my hair looked), but it was a fantastic experience.

I'd love to see Knightmare come back one day. Keep up the good work with the site!


Knightmare Series 5 Team 5. Cast shot in the antechamber.


One of the Eye Shield paths featured a scroll saying, 'Another name for Hordriss'. This was a CITV competition and was added in post-production.

In 2017, Rea appeared on The Chase, another early evening quiz show on ITV.

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