Series 4, Quest 4. Simon arrives at the Block and Tackle in Level 2.

Series 4 Quest 4

By Keith McDonald

Team 4: Simon, Andrew, Richard and Andrew from Swansea.

The fourth quest of Series 4 was for the Sword and lasted 27 minutes.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Simon, the dungeoneer.


Treguard: "There's another one on the doorstep, and not exactly a starving traveller..."

Level 1

From the Place of Choice, Simon successfully chooses the path of the Sword.

At a castle entrance, he encounters Dooris, the Weeping Door (score: 1).

Treguard: "Doors like these are creatures that have been made spellbound. Having been made prisoners themselves, they make excellent gaolers because they're not at all obliged to let anyone out."

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Malice is disguised as an old crone in Level 1.

In a green room, Simon finds a sorceress disguised as an old crone.

She asks Simon to find a leather-bound book, and offers the Eye Shield as part of the exchange.

Simon struggles to put on the shield and initially just holds it with both hands.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Pickle persuades Fatilla the Hun not to harm the dungeoneer.

Fatilla the Hun is ready to attack Simon in the Forest of Dun. Pickle appears to warn him that Simon is a military forager. Fatilla escorts Simon through a hidden portal.

Fatilla: "Thanks, big ears - I owe you one!"

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Oakley the Tree Troll awakens behind Fatilla the Hun.

At Oakley's glen, the oaf realises he has been deceived. However, the tree troll frightens him away before he can become a threat.

Once convinced that Simon is no thief, Oakley provides hints about each of the clue objects.

Simon takes a horn called Terror and an hourglass, leaving behind some gold. A first sighting of a pooka hastens the team's exit.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Goblins approach at the Fortress of Doom.

The team approaches the Castle of Doom.

The side entrance is guarded by goblins. Simon blows the horn to clear the path.

The wellway is guarded by a giant lizard. Simon sets down the hourglass to freeze it while he climbs down the well.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Simon puts down an hourglass to freeze a snake guarding the wellway.

Level 2

Simon releases Gundrada the Sword Mistress from the stocks. She says her weapon has been confiscated by a sorcerer and asks him for help.

Gundrada: "You use your arts to help me get my sword back, and I'll chop off any heads you want chopping!"

In the next chamber, Hordriss the Confuser is managing a lost property cell. Gundrada instructs Simon to claim her sword as his own.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Gundrada draws letters behind Hordriss's back.

Hordriss asks for the name of the weapon. Behind him, Gundrada draws out 'SLASH' for Simon.

What a thoroughly nasty bloodthirsty type you must be. I don't suppose you're looking for employment, are you?


Gundrada risks being caught by Hordriss after Simon twice picks up the wrong weapon.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Gundrada helps Simon up after he is dismissed by Hordriss.

She ushers Simon onto the Corridor of Blades, where she keeps him out of harm's way.

Gundrada: Those things aren't natural... I've had quite enough of magic for one day.

Into a courtyard, where goblins burst in. Gundrada keeps them away while Simon collects food and escapes.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Brother Mace hands over a joker.

Brother Mace is shuffling cards. He sets a simple challenge, but the team need prompting twice to get the answer he is looking for.

Simon earns a joker card.

I think you had better be on your way before your luck runs out...

Brother Mace

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Simon stands in the Block and Tackle.

In the Block and Tackle, the floor begins to fall away on the left-hand side.


Andrew: "Simon, sidestep to your left."

Simon plunges straight into the pit. A legendary mistake.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 4. Simon side-steps left, straight into the pit.

Treguard: "You were never very good at manoeuvring, were you?"

Who are we kidding? Pics can't do this justice. Here's a video.

More information

A sequence of letters appears throughout Episode 7 as part of a CITV competition.

See Series 4: CITV.

This team's famous demise has made for much friendly ridicule in memory of the show. See below.

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