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Level 3

This was the first glimpse of Level 3. We hear the haunting music that accompanied the fall of the very first team! Treguard warns the team about the dangers ahead.

Treguard: "Cavernwights are common to all lower levels, but are endemic on Level 3. They find their prey by smell and are always hungry."

Suddenly, a giant skeleton rises from the floor, prompting the team to leave.

The Level 3 clue room: they choose a dagger and a sniff potion, leaving behind a horn. (You can see Richard's microphone in the close-up.)

Treguard: "Dire warning team. Just as I feared, here be cavernwights.

"Remember Richard, they can neither see nor hear you, but they are already sniffing you out. All contact is deadly."

They open the bottle and leave it on the floor to confuse the cavernwights before slipping past them.

The next encounter is a Gargoyle (with a hole drilled in its mouth?)

Treguard: "Gargoyles close doors to prevent visitors because they are ashamed of their appearance. Unless you can cheer him up you'll perish here, for his gloom is draining your life force at an unnatural rate. All I can tell you is that his name is Mug."

Gargoyle: "Ugly mug, that's what you mean. Well, go on, you might as well say it. I'm really ugly."

They eventually cheer him up by flattering him constantly.

Dungeoneer: "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever met."

The monster becomes rather happy and turns from blue to red. Richard earns a spell called OPPOSITE and the monster unlocks the door. They make a quick exit before it changes its mind.


The next room is obstructed by a wall with 'Jericho 6' written on it. Life force energy is very low. They try holding up the dagger, but to no avail...

Treguard: "Why are you carrying a weapon of so little use to one who's blindfolded? Where is the horn to bring down the walls of Jericho?"

We hear mutterings of "Told you..." from one of the advisors as life force expires.

The last quest of the season is over - just in time. An amazing coincidence? Or was it deliberate?

Treguard: "Richard, it seems, has fallen at what may have been the final hurdle. Spellcasting DISMISS."

Treguard: "Hail, Richard, Jonathan, Edward and Paul. This phase of the dungeon is now over, but it was you who came closest to victory, and so you are our champions."

End of Series

Treguard: "As for those who merely watch, now you must wait while the dungeon shifts to another phase.

Treguard: "When will the challenge come? Who knows? But remember: when the fire burns, the Knightmare returns."


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