Treguard the Dungeon Master, in Series 1 (1987). Played by Hugo Myatt.

The Quest 1.1: The Unknown Treguard

By Keith McDonald

A photo of Hugo Myatt on his beloved Vincent motorbike shows a less familiar side of the legendary Dungeon Master.

Treguard as you've never seen him before.

Hugo Myatt on his Vincent motorbike from 1988. From The Quest, official newsletter.

This Knightmare publicity photo of Hugo Myatt astride his beloved Vincent motorbike was taken back in 1988 and shows a side of ITV's Dungeon Master that we don't see that often. (Thank goodness - Ed.)

We're using it to introduce TQ's first competition. The prizes are to see Hugo as Lottabaloney in the much-loved story of Pinocchio, which is this year's Christmas show at the City Varieties in Leeds.

We've got six sets of three tickets to give away for the 7.00pm performance on Thursday 2nd January 1992. Bring a friend (or your parents...), but we should point out that the prizes are the tickets only - and of course the chance to meet Hugo to person after the show so make sure that you can actually reach the theatre under your own steam. The City Varieties is a short walk from the BR station and the show ends at around 9pm.

All you have to do is tell us: Who wrote the original story of Pinocchio?

And complete the following tie-breaker in no more than 12 words:

"I think Hugo Myatt is a Lottabaloney because..."

Answers on a postcard. Closing date: 1st December 1991.

There'll be prizes of T-shirts and copies of "The Sorcerer's Isle" for the runners-up.

'The Quest' is published by Broadsword Television. Broadsword are the producers of 'Knightmare' for Anglia Television and Children's ITV

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