Watching Knightmare clips on a laptop with coffee. Adapted from photo by Nathan Ansell on Unsplash.

TV & Radio

Knightmare has featured occasionally on television and radio since it ended in 1994.

It has been the subject of several documentaries, including a piece by Challenge TV for its Cult Selection Season and BBC Four's excellent series Children's TV on Trial. Both feature Hugo Myatt (Treguard) and Tim Child, the creator of Knightmare.

Knightmare also crops up on popular quizzes and panel shows, including Mock the Week and Pointless. Retrace the best of its television and radio appearances below.

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Britain's Favourite Gameshows

Vision mixing of Knightmare on Geek Week

Channel 5 programme Britain's Favourite Gameshows featured Knightmare.

Challenge TV Documentary (2002)

Challenge TV Documentary (2002). A box of Challenge TV's cult favourite shows.

The TV channel Challenge began showing repeats of Knightmare in December 2002 for its Cult Selection season. A short documentary was shown ahead of the first episodes.

Channel 4: 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows

Channel 4's 100 Greatest Kid's TV Shows (2001). Banner from the show's opening titles.

Knightmare achieved a creditable 16th place on The 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows, broadcast on Channel 4 in 2001.

Children's TV on Trial (2007)

Courtroom trial watching knightmare

Knightmare appeared in the 1980s instalment of Children's TV on Trial, broadcast in May 2007 on BBC Four. The feature included interviews with Tim Child and Hugo Myatt.

Knightmare Mentions on Radio

Barry Thorne eavesdropping on Lord Fear with shellphone, Series 7 Quest 7 (1993)

Knightmare and its famous theme tune feature regularly on national, regional, independent and student radio shows.

Knightmare on BBC Radio Norfolk

BBC's Nicky Price as a dungeoneer faces off against Knightmare creator Tim Child as Lord Fear.

Prior to last weekend's extremely successful Knightmare Convention in Norwich, BBC Radio Norfolk's Nicky Price interviewed Knightmare creator Tim Child and former contestant James Knox.

Knightmare on CITV Birthday (2003)

CITV Birthday Bash (2003)

Children's ITV celebrated its 20th anniversary in January 2003 with a special commemorative programme.

Knightmare on ITV4's Beer & Pizza Club

Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club (2010). Banner from the programme titles.

Knightmare featured on Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club (ITV4) in November 2010. Dave Berry nominated Knightmare for the category of 'most underrated television show'.

Knightmare on Sci Fi Channel (1995)

Banner of the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy), with custom colouring.

The Sci Fi Channel launched on 1 November 1995 in the UK. It bought the rights to Knightmare for three years, so the show formed part of the schedule from the very beginning.

Knightmare on Teletext

A banner for the Eagle Quest Knightmare Teletext game from 1993.

Summary of Knightmare's appearances on Teletext, including the Bamboozle adventures available to play over Christmas/New Year in 1993-94.

Knightmare on The Game Show Story

The serpent's tongue forms a bridge to cross. From Knightmare Series 3.

Knightmare appeared in ITV series Come On Down! The Game Show Story.

Knightmare on TV Game Shows

Advertorial image of Ben Shephard for Tipping Point.

Knightmare regularly appears on popular quizzes and panel shows as a question or cultural reference.

Mentions on Screenwipe / Election Wipe

Banner for the BBC's Screenwipe.

Knightmare has featured on the BBC TV series Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and a short set-piece for Election Wipe.

Tim Child on CBBC's Take Two (1991)

Banner for the Children's BBC discussion show, Take Two.

Knightmare creator Tim Child appeared on Take Two, a Children's BBC discussion show, to hear teenagers' views on television gameshows.

Various TV Appearances

Barry Thorne eavesdropping on Lord Fear with shellphone, Series 7 Quest 7 (1993)

Updates of several television appearances including Knightmare or Knightmare cast members that we've heard about.