A visual mockup of a dungeoneer in the dragon room, from Zzap Magazine's feature on Knightmare.


Knightmare has appeared frequently in the press and in a range of television, gaming and fantasy-based publications.

Knightmare was a big hit in a number of trade and consumer print titles during its original broadcasting years.

Magazines were eager to go behind-the-scenes and explore this new, innovative gameshow that emerged in the late 1980s. Much of the best press coverage of Knightmare (Cult Times, C&VG, Zzap!) dates from this time.

In recent years, the transition from print to screen has reduced the coverage of Knightmare in print titles. However, there are still stand-out pieces in active periodicals such as RetroGamer and Wireframe to enjoy.

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Header from C+VG article on Knightmare in 1987.

C+VG Magazine's Deputy Editor, Paul Boughton, discovered Tim Child's gaming pedigree in an article on Knightmare in 1987.

Computer Images Magazine

Knightmare being filmed

Computer Images Magazine, which ran from the mid-to-late 1980s, examined how Knightmare was made after Series 1.

Cult Times

Promotional image of Knightmare used in Cult Times (November 2005)

Cult Times' Dan Whitehead investigates how Knightmare was put together and looks ahead to Knightmare VR.

Evening Star

Series 3, Quest 3. Simon uses a magic amulet to pass through Level 2 as a star.

The Evening Star celebrates former Anglia Television shows in 2005 in the face of expected job losses at the station.

Games Machine

Games Machine 08-87 p94 - first page of Knightmare article

"Imagine a game show in which the only prize is success within the dungeon... and the cost of failure is death." John Minson imagines the world of Knightmare in 1987.

Knightmare in Independent on Sunday

Knightmare Live banner

Tom Bell (Knightmare Live's Lord Fear) has written about Knightmare and its stage version for The Independent on Sunday.

Knightmare in SFX Magazine

Shelf of magazines

There was a short feature on Knightmare in the July edition of SFX Magazine, styled as 'the Earth's greatest Sci-Fi and fantasy magazine'.

Knightmare in Sunday Times Culture

A scene from the concepts for Olympus, a 2015 mythological series created by Nick Willing.

A mention for Knightmare in today's Sunday Times' Culture supplement.

Knightmare in The Mirror

Hordriss quizing the dungeooneer

Letters in support of Knightmare have been appearing in the Friday letters column in The Mirror, which is dedicated to television.

Knightmare in The Sunday Times

Isy Suttie and Hugo Myatt as Daisy and Treguard in the Geek Week 2013 episode of Knightmare

Knightmare and its YouTube Geek Week return are mentioned in today's Sunday Times Culture magazine.

Knightmare in Time Out

Front cover of

Knightmare received two mentions in London's Time Out within exactly a year of each other.

Knightmare in TV Years

TV Choice Magazine logo set against a black gradient.

Knightmare is among the children's TV series covered in the latest issue of TV Years magazine.

Knightmare in Wireframe Magazine

Header image formed of the graphic featuring Knightmare in Wireframe.

Knightmare is the subject of a splendid feature in Issue 40 of Wireframe, the computer game magazine.

Knightmare in Zzap!64

A visual mockup of a dungeoneer in the dragon room, from Zzap Magazine's feature on Knightmare.

Zzap!64 magazine's November 1988 issue had a feature on Knightmare.

Micro Mart

Micro Mart's quiz show segment.

Jenny Sanders investigates how computers have revolutionised television game shows for Micro Mart in 2006.

Retro Gamer Magazine Article

Shelf of magazines

Issue 90 of Retro Gamer Magazine includes an article on 'The Making of Knightmare' by writer Andrew Fisher.