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Level 3

Into Linghorm and the Level 3 clue room.

The scroll says: 'She who would be queen is your only hope'. The clues are: a Sight potion, a Beauty potion, and a bottle of pills marked 'Power to Rule'.

Spyglass: Lissard has placed a Miretrog in the sewer where Dunstan escaped.

Lissard: "I have also put a second but false shield in the quest chamber."

Lord Fear cannot identify the real one! He has to ask Lissard. Before they can hear the answer, a fireball approaches so Oliver drops the spyglass.

They decide to take the 'Power to Rule' pills for Maldame and the 'Sight' potion, which they believe might help them identify the real shield.

Into the junction. The Great Bells of Marblehead sound…

Continued on the End of Season page.

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