The Dunshelm Players audio team have released another small play - well, more a ten-minute sketch in fact - to mark the 26th Anniversary weekend of Knightmare's debut on Children's ITV in 1987.

The sketch is called 'The Rude Awakening Of Lord Fear', created as a sort of response to the GeekWeek special episode of the series, attempting to rationalise quite why Lord Fear seemed to be completely inert for nearly twenty years while Treguard was out-of-action.

The sketch is a monologue in a way, and was written, mixed and performed by Martin Odoni.

Download 'The Rude Awakening Of Lord Fear'.

And a quick note of confirmation that All Washed Up will be this year's non-festive festive offering from the Dunshelm Players, and will be made available on Christmas Day.

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