Now available for free download is the latest production by The Dunshelm Players audio team.

The third episode in the series of short plays called The Techno-Colour TalesĀ is titled 'Black'. The synopsis is as follows:

Desperate to prevent an alliance between the Opposition and The Grey Sisters, Treguard and Majida tried to intervene directly at Ambrohame. Caught in a freak thunderstorm on their journey, a stray bolt of lightning knocked them both unconscious. Now they have awakened to find everybody they know is behaving very differently, that Treguard himself has authority he had never previously imagined, and that an old friend that they had thought long-dead is still very much alive.

The cast:

  • Treguard - Ruzl Odoni
  • Majida/Stiletta - Rosey Collins
  • Hordriss - Jake Collins
  • ?????? (can't tell you yet) - Martin Harder
  • Motley - Ross Thompson
  • Elita - Amy Davies
  • Pickle - Andy Marshall
  • Aedric - Martin Odoni

As ever, all productions from the Players is completely free to obtain and listen to, and keep an eye out for some of the earlier work in case you haven't heard it yet.

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