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Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 2, Session 3

Session 3 - 24.09.00

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

Team 1: Rachel, Alex, and Neil continue their quest.

Team 2: Jon_Harris, Nicho, and TonyH start their quest this session


Treguard Be gone vile crea…. Oh it’s you watchers. You should be careful not to sneak up on people like that. Many accidents have happened that way.

Treguard> Well, I’m sure you’re here for your regular 1 hour dungeon fest. It’s week 3, and the first team is still in progress, so here’s a progress report.

Treguard> Challengers, Alex, Neil and Rachel are on the go,

The cup is their desire, fear is their foe,

Into Level 2 they went, eager and bold,

Merlin helped them or so I am told,

Through a maze they travelled,

And mysteries unraveled,

They have got across the board,

And are at the point of a sword,

They need a word to get through,

Will they win? Well that’s up to you,




Treguard> You exit through the door. You emerge on a lettered causeway. Right, you remember the word causeway from before team don’t you? Right, well do it again! Time ticks away team!

Neil> or steps, rather

Alex> Torment it is.

Alex> I think.

Treguard> Correct

Treguard> You choose the correct word and make it across.

Treguard> Evidently that was no problem

Alex> Evidently not. :)

Treguard> :)

Rachel> we're amazing

Rachel> even if we are about to die

Treguard> well we'll see

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