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Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 2, Session 1

Session 1 - 03.09.00

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

Team 1: Rachel, Alex, and Neil are the players.


Treguard Ahhh, welcome watchers to Knightmare. Since we last met, the dungeon has transformed itself. Many dangers now lie along the path. You may also notice some changes to my dungeon. First, the magic mirror. With this I…

* Treguard looks at his magic mirror and someone appears on the screen.


"Hello Treguard you old fool. Did you think that the dungeon would continue for very long with the absence of evil? No. Your puny dunceguneers may have survived last year, but this time I promise you, they won't get past The Hall of Choice!"

"My name isn't important, but I am known as the Unholy King to my enemies, and to my friends, well, I don't have any so I wouldn't know. I look forward to seeing your teams. Bye Treguard, be seeing you, eh?"

Treguard> Well watchers, there appears to be a new threat to the dungeon. But let's not let that put us off, we can still win. Or can we? Yes, course we will.

Treguard> Enter Stranger. Hmm. You don't look very tough; I just hope for your sake that you don't meet anything, unpleasant in the dungeon depths. Please state your name and age please.


Alex> Alex - 17

Treguard> Right

Treguard> And where do you hail from?

Treguard> Alex

Alex> Southend, in Essex.

Treguard> I wouldn't like to go there, but then again, who would?

Treguard> And you go into the dungeon unaided? You must have 2 friends, please call their names now and loudly!

Alex> Neil, Rachel. Yoo-hoo.

* Neil- breezes in

Treguard> Welcome to my humble castle. It isn't much to look at from the outside, but I assure you, it's quite cozy inside. You all look terribly cold. Here, come closer to the fire where it's much warmer. Er, what are your names and where do you all come from?

Rachel> I'm Rachel and I come from Durham

Neil> I'm Neil and I come from the West Midlands.

Treguard> Ok then; let's get to grips with this adventure then. Firstly before you go on your travels into my dungeon, there are a few things that you should know.

Treguard> Firstly, the dungeon has gone through a tremendous change, so any knowledge of previous quests probably won't be of any use to you.

Treguard> You will notice that I have a magic mirror (created by the almighty one who we all know as Forester. Who or what this being is we don't know, but he has a superior force at his fingertips so I shouldn't cross him. The magic mirror will show you a view of the room that you are currently in. If at any time you enter a new room and the magic mirror doesn't change, click on the REFRESH button.

Treguard> Located underneath the mirror is a panel which shows you your statistics, quest object, quest time, etc. This may prove useful as it also tells you what objects you carry and spells which you possess. In the game you can carry two objects, but a magician or some person of high magic, may give you an object to carry for them from time to time. Since this object will be magical, you will still be able to carry another two objects unless told so by myself or the magician.

Treguard> are you ok up to now?

Alex> Yup.

Treguard> You can carry as many spells as you like, but as you use spells, you use your Mana up. Mana is the magical force within which provides a source of energy necessary to create these spells.

Rachel> yep

Treguard> Because of this you only have enough mana to cast three spells in the game. So, choose wisely when the time arises. Also, IF YOU DO cast a spell, when the desired affect has finished, the spell could turn on you, to prevent this, you should say DISPELL and give the letters of the name of the spell but in the wrong order. Remember this!

Treguard> If at any time during the adventure, you do an action such as cast a spell or exit a room, you may see the message "PLEASE WAIT" This is to give the magic mirror a chance to refresh and show you any changes that have been made to the room.

Treguard> In the magic mirror, you can see the room but not yourself, because of this I will take you through step by step on puzzles or complex rooms.

Treguard> Since there are now no dungeoneers, all of you three are merged together into one person (how frightening!) so any actions you make must be discussed and then decided on by one person only. If multiple, DIFFERENT actions are made, none of them will be taken into account and you could lose time for it.

Treguard> Finally, here is your equipment. Here is the knapsack for which you must put food into, to restore your energy. You energy status is shown in three stages. Green, where you are healthy, yellow, where you should be on the lookout for food, and red, where you are in grave peril and must find sustenance fast.

Treguard> The helmet of justice is no longer used and neither is the eye shield. Since everything in the dungeon is real and nothing is an illusion.

Treguard> Also, let me remind, you that you should be cautious of the object that you take. Don't trust the weapons of your enemies.

Treguard> Right. Are you ready?

Alex> I am.

Neil> I am as well.

Treguard> How strange. Well then, face the dungeon door and take a brave step into the unknown. Good luck!

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