Velda the Wood Elf. Played by Natasha Pope.

Velda, the Wood Elf

By Keith McDonald

This apprehensive elven warrior was fiercely defensive of her own realm but could be of help in the right circumstances.

Velda was a strong-willed elf found in the upper levels. She was wary of humans and concerned herself with stopping them from entering her realm.

This path leads to the realm of the Elven Kin. You may not take it.


Treguard identifies Velda as a wood elf. Velda later terms herself 'warden of the Lower Marshes'. She could appear quite hostile and exchanged angry words with Treguard's apparition on several occasions.

Nevertheless, she often helped dungeoneers by defending them from other foes, such as goblins or Grimwold the Ogre. This convinced her that the dungeoneer was benign.

Some dungeoneers had to prove themselves to her by offering a token such as a rose or by helping her when she was captured.

Velda might offer a step clue for Merlin's chamber or a spell. She awards one team a beryl or green gem that is respected by all inhabitants of the dungeon.

Velda, the Wood Elf, played by Natasha Pope in Series 3 of Knightmare (1989).


Velda was one of the first characters to engage in identity politics, consistent with the mystery of the elves.

She wouldn't offer her calling name (unlike Elita in later years), but allowed herself to be known as Velda.

However, she would appear if a 'horn of Elvandis' was blown, which appears to refer to the power of her realm. 'Elvandis' is her battle cry before she attacks foes.

Towards the end of the series, Velda warns Treguard that Merlin should mend the breach between her realm and the Dungeon.

This 'breach' seems to be based near the Vale of Banburn. Velda often patrols these quicksand marshes and influences the route that dungeoneers take on their onward journey.

Velda's aggressive stance eventually became a weakness, as the opposition worked out her methods. Her final two appearances were as a captive, and she was never seen again.

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