The Brangwen-Shee, one of the Wall Monsters. Voiced by Natasha Pope.

Wall Monsters

By Keith McDonald

Teams in the early series of Knightmare faced one of five clue room guardians in the first level. These were often a vital source of knowledge.

Wall monsters guarded the Level 1 clue rooms during the first three series of Knightmare.

They asked three riddles, responding 'Truth accepted' for a correct answer or 'Falsehood' for an incorrect answer.

Fail three times and I feed on you!


If teams scored one, they earned no further knowledge. Two correct answers would normally provide one clue. Any team that answered all three correctly could say 'I command you' to earn a bonus.

The guardian would normally reveal which clue objects to take to ensure survival.

Olgarth / Granitas

Two rivals, Olgarth and Granitas, rotated guard of the clue room during Series 1. They shared with newcomer Igneous during the second series.

Rock I was, and rock I now become.


Olgarth and Granitas were identical wall monsters seen in Series 1 of Knightmare (1987).

Olgarth and Granitas were identical, which meant they were often misidentified by Treguard. This made them irritable and prone to insulting each other.

Granitas was sensitive to his name being considered amusing – though an episode of flatulence during the visit of one nervous team did lighten the mood.


A new addition to Series 2, Igneous guarded a new orange clue room. This was used alternately with the familiar room that was guarded by Olgarth and Granitas.

I am Igneous. You are ignorant.


Igneous was shaped like bricks, which gave it a distinct appearance. It was terse and impatient, and rolled its 'r's to dramatic effect.

One team manages to manipulate Igneous with a TRUTH spell. It is rumoured that the team restarted the quest to collect this spell after failing to score in the clue room.


Golgarach replaced Olgarth and Granitas for Series 3 and was the first of the new CGI monsters to appear.

Golgarach, a wall monster voiced by David Verrey in Series 3 of Knightmare (1989).

At first, this guardian's speech is steeped in rhyme, so he resembles the departed jester, Folly.

Golgarach has a less threatening tone than the two prior guardians. He even laughs when one team state that a saucer of water is deeper than the ocean.


The Brangwen Shee replaced Igneous in Series 3, becoming the only female-voiced guardian. She alternated with Golgarach, making six appearances over 12 quests.

Brangwen, a wall monster from Series 3 of Knightmare (1989).

She was similarly curt in tone to Igneous and seemed displeased to be giving out knowledge.

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