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Level 2

Hordriss and Grimaldine are throwing fireballs at each other across the rift valley.

Treguard: "They're probably testing each other - it's something that wizards and mages do…"

The two combatants are in utmost concentration, so Nicola must scurry through the line of fire.

Into the Vaults, when a green Hordriss comes stumbling after them.

  • Majida: "I thought you said these test matches go on for days?"
  • Treguard: "Well, obviously this one ended early. And not in Hordriss's favour!"

Hordriss says he was deceived by a green fireball. With his powers fading, he asks the team to find a salve for him.

Level 2 clue room. The scroll reads: 'Finders keepers, holder Seekers hidden Secrets.'

Nicola takes a bag of silver and a divining rod, leaving behind a jar of nightsight.

In a courtyard from WitchHaven. Treguard hints that it appears to be empty, so they use the divining rod to reveal a spyglass.

Spyglass: Lissard has been preparing a trap to thwart the team but has forgotten the 'combination of numbernesses'. Fear has no choice but to remind him.

Lord Fear: "Have you got that? Well I hope not, as it'll serve you right."

Into a chamber that resembles a chess board with spikes emerging from every square.

Treguard: "We've never seen anything like this before…"

A bar of gold appears on a square in the first row, highlighting the beginning of a safe path.

The team uses the combination from the spyglass to guide Nicola line by line through the trap.

Rothberry the Apothecary is dealing with a depressed ogre.

He has a healing potion that will help Hordriss, but he will only accept gold for it rather than the silver.

Rothberry: "The witches of WitchHaven have got a very nasty case of witch-stick rump. It's from the splinters on the broomsticks…"

Nicola summons Hordriss in the nick of time. The potion turns him back to his normal colour. He offers a key to the Descender for Level 3.


Nicola enters a very dark room. We hear a coordinated pursuit, with goblin horns and troll steps.

Treguard asks where the nightsight is. Everything goes quiet.

Lord Fear: "Two-nil, I think. Nice one!"

Treguard: "Ooh, nasty…"

Due to the drawn-out ending, this ranks only in third place of the swiftest death at the start of an episode (40 seconds).

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