Hordriss quizing the dungeooneer

KM Magazine

KM Magazine was started by Anton Benson after Knightmare ended.

After Knightmare finished, Anton Benson created a magazine to help him come to terms with the end of the show. He started this fanzine to get his friends more interested in the show.

By his own admission, it contains little in-depth detail on Knightmare - partly because his audience didn't know much about it, and partly because he hadn't seen the first three series.

Anton read up on the early series through the game books, The Quest fanzine and the board game. In the end, the endeavour was a short-lived Knightmare Magazine club.

The editions are here for you to enjoy. They include a large quiz for you to test your Knightmare knowledge.

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KM Magazine Issues

Hordriss quizing the dungeooneer

The Knightmare Magazine club was created by Anton Benson for his friends. Download the issues and take the quiz.