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Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 2, Session 2

Session 2 - 17.09.00

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

Team 1: Rachel, Alex, and Neil continue their quest.


Treguard Stay right there! Oh it's you watchers. I do love surprises don't you? It's been getting quite cold in the dungeon, which reminds me. A quest is currently in progress, so here's a progress report.

Treguard> Alex, Rachel and Neil

Sounded like a load of spiel

They scored three on a test and gained lots of help,

But on a causeway they nearly gave a yelp,

Further on, they met the lady of the lake,

And also the unholy king, making dungeon shake,

Make EyeCu's tremble and quail they did,

With mirrors as shiny as the land,

And luckily they passed the guard who always makes his stand,

Death is their transport, fear is their foe,

Will they succeed?

Watch now to know

Treguard> Sparkles light the screen



Treguard> You activate the spell. A flash of light fills the room and when it disappears, your figure changes into a Skeletron. I shouldn't worry team, you can easily turn back when you need to.

Treguard> "Oh hello there. Did you see where that stupid dungeoneer went?"

Alex> "I ate him"

Rachel> shall we have a go at him Alex ???

Treguard> well lovely

Treguard> "What do you want?"

Rachel> "we need transport to level 2"


Rachel> "NOW"

Treguard> "Yes well, I won't charge you since you're one of his lordships creations. Get in the boat then.

Alex> (good combination there)

* Rachel gets in the boat


Treguard> You climb in the boat. Cheron stands still and starts to stroke with his scythe. You are now being taken to Level 2.

Treguard> "Oh Sh*t. My bloody Scythes broken again. I guess I'll have to go to B&Q again and get one from the garden utensils section. I tell you, it's terrible the kind of craftsmanship that goes into things these days. Whatever century this is."

Rachel> "yes"

Burkey> lol

Treguard> Dadadadad

Treguard> So eaten anything good recently?

Rachel> "yes, a dungeoneer"

Rachel> "lollipop flavoured"

Alex> "and a nice waffle"

Treguard> lovely

Treguard> well here you are

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