Series 3 - Episode 16

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Re: Re:Series 3 - Episode 16

Post by DJFairborne77 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:11 pm

DJFairborne77 wrote:In addition to my previous post, I have now read somewhere that Jason Donovan actually introduced this episode, when it was originally shown on CITV back in '89. Down here in the south-west on this day, which was the 22nd December '89, our then local ITV region, TSW absolutely butchered up the CITV links of the day, as they often did to fit in their birthdays' slot, Gus Honeybun instead! (Gus was shown twice a day each weekday (before & after CITV) & once a day at weekends btw). Anyway, on this day, they only showed 3 of the 7 broadcast links:

Link 1: The opening CITV intro & link wasn't shown, as they went straight from Gus into the 1st programme, which was "Bugs Bunny And Friends".

Link 2: After the 1st cartoon, this link was shown by TSW.

Link 3: After the 2nd cartoon, this link was also shown by TSW & went into the 1st commercial break, with the "Lots To Come On CITV" ident.

Link 4: The "You're Watching CITV" ident & link. This wasn't shown on TSW, as they went straight from the commercial break into the next programme, which was "Rolf's Cartoon Club - Christmas Special".

Link 5: After Rolf, Jerry & Scally chat to the "Motormouth" crew, followed by the "More To Come On CITV" ident & into the commercial break. This was shown on TSW.

Link 6: The "This Is CITV" ident & link. Not shown by TSW, again they went straight into the next programme, which was "Knightmare" from the commercial break before it, bypassing the link!

Link 7: The final link after "Knightmare", not shown by TSW as they faded out from the Broadsword slide, into a commercial break and then back to Gus again & then into "Blockbusters" at 5:10pm.

The 3 links they did show, I have a video clip of it on "YouTube", link below. But, what was said during the other links & did Jason indeed introduce "Knightmare" on this day?
Further to my original posts, someone told me that Jerry & Scally talked a bit about ''Knightmare'' after the final episode, so what did they say? Damn TSW for opting-out of the links, it was really annoying to me as a kid! I didn't care about Gus Honeybun, I wanted to see the CITV links & Anglia end-caps!...

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 16

Post by Aldarion » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:43 am

Isn't this the episode that rubs our noses in the fact that the game was fixed? This team wasn't doing any better with the riddles than their predecessors, but because it was nearly the end of the series, they were allowed to survive perils where their predecessors would have been killed off. Only a few episodes since "say hello to the goblins!" we have someone survive the same ambush - except it's two goblins and two mechanical(?) warriors.

If they'd been killed off, another team would have gotten the five-minute-wonder booby-prize. That exploding dungeon scene was quite something to behold. But imagine how much more sadistically compelling it would have been if it was inflicted on a contestant who'd barely got beyond the dice-throwing stage.

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 16

Post by Mystara » Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:03 pm

When you say "the game was fixed", I assume you are asserting that the quest was fixed, rather than the entire show?
Alan Boyd

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 16

Post by Morghanna » Tue Jun 16, 2020 2:38 pm

A rather low-key episode, as it was obvious that team 12 would either die or have their quest abandoned.
As with team 13 in series 2, they were a decent team who deserved the chance of a full quest. >:(

Interesting start when Hordriss offered them a pact and asked them to retrieve an item (hour-glass) for him. The shape of things to come....

2/3 against Brangwen Shee. No clue info, but they already knew to take the hour-glass, so it still left them a 50:50 choice, which seemed fair.
Rather pointless plot using the "SPEED" spell just to out-run the ogre in the dwarf-tunnel.

Ambushed by goblins in the vale and had to use that side-cave to escape. Then ambushed by more goblins in the corridor of the catacombs, but managed to exit. Re-emerged at the end of the vale, where Hordriss majestically dispersed the goblins. Brilliant quip from Hordriss to Christopher : "You are, of course, in my debt. But then, who is not?" ;D ;D

Into level 2 and they soon encountered Merlin. 2/2 with some good answers, but then in the clue-room time ran-out. :(
The disintegration of the dungeon looked impressive. The last time we would see it in it's early style. :(

The end of an absolutely brilliant series.
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D

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