New Knightmare: confirmation and reactions

Discussion about Knightmare in youtube's Geek Week.
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Re: Press release photo

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We've moved off the topic of "Press release photo" here and I'm going to separate out some of the posts into new threads. Please start new threads where appropriate.
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New Knightmare 2013 & official release hopes

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HobGoblin wrote:Re a DVD release: as much as I would personally love a box set it seems a little late in the day to be dreaming of a physical format release.
I was using DVD as shorthand for official release, even though I too would be happiest with a physical format.
Malefact wrote:This is what happens when I turn my back for just a couple of years.

I'm so excited. :)
I can now cross another name off his list of old-members-I' And more generally, it's gladdening to see the forum so busy.
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Re: New Knightmare: confirmation and reactions

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Smashing news like Malefact been away for a few years (though signed up as new member back in 2010 after the forums suppposed heyday and posted for a few months before disapearring), but with it back on Challenge and now this youtube show, I am excited and honoured to be back here! :)
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Re: New Knightmare: confirmation and reactions

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Welcome back! The more people we have, the merrier. Hopefully the forum can attract new fans as well!
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