Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

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Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Illusion »

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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by HarveyTowers »

Started in level 3 - I liked the Medusa sequence "I will warn each of you, stop turn away now!" Would make a good party game.

Used the DARK spell they got from Merlin to show their path. I wasn't sure whether there was a peice of the talisman within the window but it turns out that there wasn't.

Ran over Owen and refused to pledge to Mogdred - what would have happened if they had said "yes": given a booby-trapped spell or would Treguard just have intervened.

Another winning team and presented with their reward outside the dungeon (also shown in closing sequence)

New team and started with a rather dejected looking Folly - boy meets girl, boy loses laugh - same old story!

Clue room - poisin? Oh dear!
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Tom41 »

Good episode today, another winning quest - but I'll get to that later ;)

Interesting way of calling Merlin, by picking up an M talisman!

The highlight of this episode was, of course, the scary Medusa! This time it had different, much scarier 'music'. The dungeoneer had to hold up the magic shield, while the advisers had to take it in turns to look at the screen, each one only looking for a few seconds!
How could Treguard look at the screen all the time then? ;D

I'm surprised Illusion doesn't have a clip of this scene on! Feel free to use this one though!

Next, the Dragon scene. I think they could have got past it while he was asleep, but Mogdred had to come along and wake him up ;). Pretty easy to get out though, they had to just walk along the dragon's nose and out the other door while he was speaking of eating them. Notice the smoke coming out of the dragon's mouth was different to the previous team who encountered the dragon.

DARK spell used in the Stained Glass room, to reveal (very briefly) the correct path to take. Did you notice there was a talisman symbol actually on the window? And is it just me, or were there sort of footstep noises in this room, not made by the dungeoneer?

Picked up the final piece of the Talisman, and had another encounter with Mogdred! No team has ever pledged allegiance to him though ;)

The sprite of energy (tree) in the guillotine room looked like it was above the darkness, rather than on the floor. The dungeoneer actually had to collect it by waving his left arm around at the very edge of the floor!

Then spellcast the TALISMAN and became the second winning team! I liked the lines in the sky effect when Treguard gave them the Silver Spurs award. Watching, the Realvideo, I thought it was just an old worn tape that had been captured ;)

Well, on with the next quest!
I liked how Motley was all depressed since his laughter had run away! Seemed to perk up a bit when they agreed to help him though!

Listening at doors is a bit unusual - how can you listen at a door without accidentally going through it? I also like how the advisers often try to give a detailed description of the bomb rooms (including doors, objects etc), even though the fuse is running!

This team found a bottle of POTION on the clue room table, but the adviser incorrectly as POISON! I didn't understand Igneous's riddle about the colours, but I would have got the third one (laughter)

Timed out in front of Igneous after he said "One alone is the score". After the first gong, we saw the team as Treguard explained their mistake. Notice how the team was looking disappointed, 'should have known' expressions. I guess that was taken from either the death scene, or from when they were in front of Lillith who wanted the Potion.

Edit: Looks like I didn't get the first post (after Illusion making the topic) today ;D
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Billy »

Good to see another team win this series- I thought it was funny that Treguard said 'And remember- the only way is onward, there is no turning back' and what do they do! Turn back and walk away! ;D (Ok, I guess they were facing back at the start and simply turned to the onward position, but who knows!). Could Series 3 have been deliberately made harder to prevent too many winning teams?
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Purgatory »

didn't the team who got the 'power' spell pledged allegiance to Mogdred?

he puts alot of faith in the 'blade' room..

theses quests are kinda easy.. would have been far better with a few hauntings and goblins.. many of the rooms are just 'normal'

Merlin and that wall monster on level 3 have them clues without asking for anything... cheat!!!
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by FrightKnight »

I must admit, it was one of the easier level 3s I've seen. It felt harder than another quest's level 1, actually, the one which plunged them into combat chess, then a bomb room, then a wall monster with hard riddles...

This lot didn't have much, especially towards the end:

Mogdred: Very well, you must face the final challenge alone! Muhahahahaha (Etc)"

Next room: A guillotine room with a sprite of energy. No harder than the corridor of spears, or even half of it. The dragon (Owen?) was depressingly easy, too, like the giant of level 1.

Still, even more great Treguard acting today, looking concerned over Folly, and getting intense about the Medusa.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by beamrider2600 »

I REALLY think they didn't deserve to win - they were one of the worst teams I've seen - just didn't seam to be on the ball at all.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by TheBrollachan »

I can think of worst teams like team 6 and team 11 in this quest. The current team (11) have managed to mistake potion for poison.

In fairness though in level 1 they only used one clue object, in level 2 they used no clue objects (if you don't count the destructor bottle), and in level 3 they only used one clue object. So from that aspect they had an easier quest, and I must admit level 3 wasn't the hardest that I've seen.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Kieran »

I don't think they were the seaosn's worst team, by quite a margin, but I don't feel they are the best winning team the show ever had.

Entertaining none the less, and Treguard seemed to get into this quest more than usual.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Crispin »

The listening for Folly's laughter near the doors is a bit like a part of the N64's Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You would have to go through the forest and the music would appear when you were close to the correct door.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by dontyoulikemypie »

I remember getting the sensation that this team was gonna go all the way during the Medusa chamber. I actually got annoyed because I wanted Mark's team to be the only winners as I'd loved them and their quest so much. I think level 3 was a tad easy for them, but still a good entertaining quest.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by sozboz »

I thought this team were fairly clever, but they were rubbish at maneuvering, one of the worst both at directing and being directed. Julian couldn't walk in a straight line, would randomly alternate between take small and huge steps and always turn more than 90 degrees resulting in him going backwards. The advisors often got left and right mixed up and would faff around to get him anywhere, having him go in circles and in one room walk right towards a monster, the cavern wright. That cavern wright should have killed them!
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Re: Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Drassil »

For those who are familiar with John Betjeman's poetic reference to friendly bombs, this quest surely features one. Slow-burning fuses are one thing, but the light on Anthony's bomb actually dances back down the fuse over a dozen times, giving it all the menace of a novelty candle. This 'Hokey-Cokey Syndrome' obviously gave Ariadne ideas. ;)
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Re: Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by HStorm »

I should probably be old enough to know better by now, but I really love this episode. We get to see so much of the dark, grimy, ethereal architecture of Level Three, much of it rarely seen elsewhere, given how few teams ever got this far. This includes one of only three appearances by the dreaded Medusa, perhaps the most lethal monster in the Dungeon, and the only time it is thwarted without a spell. That strange 'air-raid siren' sound in the background really made the scene extra-scary back in the day, although inevitably it has far less impact two decades on. And the stained glass window room is one of my all time favourite chamber designs; what is causing that sound of footsteps in the background?

None of this is to say I'm overly impressed by Julian's team. Strangely enough, I remember when I first watched this quest in 1988, I somehow could tell as soon as they arrived in the Great Hall that they were going to win. There really is no reason for this, as there was nothing madly clever about them, and in fact, they were also one of the clumsiest teams in season 2; injured in the Cave Of Fire, got an easy riddle wrong, and seemed to get carried along by the sub-plots a bit much; a spell too cheaply-earned from Gretel, Folly more or less sorting out half of Level Two for them, and a lucky break with the Gargoyle got them vital clues that other dungeoneers would never get in Level Three. As early-season Level Three goes, it was a very easy ride.

Also - this is something that's been niggling me right from the day that the episode was first broadcast - I know that Mogdred is 65% bluff, 30% bluster, only 5% real threat and 100% shouting, but he goes on about Julian facing the "Ultimate Challenge unaided!!!!!" And then he wanders off without doing anything further, and the next room is the Way Out. I suppose in a very literal sense we can call the Guillotine Door the Ultimate Challenge, in that it was the last chamber, but it's not much of a challenge, is it? It's just a test of manoeuvre-timing. Anyone who can cross the Mills Of Doom won't have any trouble with it. So why would anyone need any aid with it?

Still, a winner is a winner, and I guess there's no law against being lucky.

Anthony Hague's team are a pretty lame follow-up. Very iffy at manoeuvring, and as we see later, not much better at reading. One oddity; is it just me, or are Folly's sobs in the four-door chamber loop-played a couple of times? Just a suspicion there.
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Re: Re:Series 2 - Episode 13

Post by Aldarion »

Drassil wrote:For those who are familiar with John Betjeman's poetic reference to friendly bombs, this quest surely features one. Slow-burning fuses are one thing, but the light on Anthony's bomb actually dances back down the fuse over a dozen times, giving it all the menace of a novelty candle. This 'Hokey-Cokey Syndrome' obviously gave Ariadne ideas. ;)
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