Gentle Reminder: Keep the forum tidy

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Gentle Reminder: Keep the forum tidy

Post by Mystara »

Just a gentle reminder about two of our requests to all forum users as noted in the rules:

1) Start a new thread wherever possible

Why? Statistically your post will get more attention if it's a new thread rather than a response to a previous post. It's more user friendly because it doesn't require people to reread the entire thread. It's more newbie friendly, because people are more likely to find specific things they're looking for and finally it helps our search engine ranking (google favours more threads over bigger threads).

Rule of thumb: Unless you are responding to a previous post in a thread, start a new thread.

2) Post news stories to the main site, not in the forum

Why? The main site receives more than x10 the traffic of the forum (in some months, this has been as much as x100). The articles on the main site get picked up by news agencies/aggregators and so on, which drives traffic to the site (and therefore the forum) whereas this is not true of posts in the forum. If your news story relates to an actor's latest project, this is significantly more helpful to them than a post in a forum. Important stories automatically get crossposted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets where they get even more attention. Additionally, posting to the main site should cause a thread to be automatically created in the forum anyway (although this may not have been happening?).

In short. It's a significant help to the community.

I know the article submission page is a bit of a bugger. We're just around the corner from a software/site update and I plan to tackle this as part of that upgrade. In the meantime, if you find yourself unable to use the form, at least send us a PM pointing to your new thread and asking for it to be turned into an article or (better) email or PM your article to us.
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