Series 5 Episode 6

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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by GrimaldineGrimwold »

Well, I must say their death was a bit of poetic justice. :) Sarah almost blindly wandered into that blade!
Absolutely! The shot went from her to the advisors and then back again, and in that time, despite their calls to move to the right, she's seemingly run halfway down the Corridor directly toward the Blade!
GG - how about sugggestion #8?
Team gives Elita Ruby. Elita says she would help, but she's just as sick of the team as a lot of us and wants to see them meet a grizzly fate.
Well, at least it'd give a hint they've got a grizzly fate ahead! :)
Teehee, I really hope so, but then again, I'm an evil old crone.
As for the Clue Room, my Dad and I (we tend to both watch Knightmare in the evening) both thought that the scroll suggested "Take the Ruby instead of the Key", so would have taken the Ruby and whichever other object was there (forgot what it was!).
The other object was, as Mephisto mentions, a necklace. Personally, I'd have taken the gem and the necklace, like you and your Dad. It's why I mentioned it originally, really. I agree on the scroll clue. Although you might notice the word "key" in it and grab the clue key and run, I'm tempted to think it meant that the key to the dungeon was the gem and therefore wasn't a proper key. That is, a plain old key won't serve you. That may be the wrong interpretation, but it's what I thought.

The whole clue object choice thing is partly what I was waffling about when I said I could see why they were hesitant about offering the gem to Elita. I can think of a few reasons why they might not want to give it to her:

1. Pickle has said some rather nasty things about her. It's at least plausible to think she might not be wholly trustworthy, although the evidence from their own Quest doesn't really support that, since she held to the bargain over getting them a ride on Smirkenorff.
2. She's conducting some kind of ritual, thus I think they're not totally dense to ask what she wants to do with the ruby. If she's using it to summon evil spirits, create more disgusting and downright offensive clothing like her current attire, or something equally evil, then our "Truth and Justice" motto would perhaps make us question if we want to give her the means for the rite.
3. Elita's unwilling to tell them much about what help she'll offer them in return for the ruby.
4. "The key to my dungeon is the jewel in my crown." Note my dungeon, my crown. This is, I guess, Lord Fear's Dungeon, so it's at least plausible that the right thing to do is to keep the gem for the final encounter and not waste in on a smelly little cavern elf with no dress sense. It's also possible, of course, that the clue just meant "take the jewel because you'll need it", but I'm arguing not that it was needed later on, but that I can see why they had reservations about giving it to Elita.

*GG does like trying to help excuse teams just a little, to balance out being rather bitchy about them. GG also seems to like making nice orderly lists. 1. 2. 3. Mmmmm, nice lists.*
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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by PunmiesterWhiteley »

I thought this team were good.  Makes me a minority around here!

They should have taken the necklace instead of the key I think.  The scroll hinted at the ruby and to avoid the key.

Still it might have been revenge for carrying Poison instead of Gwendoline's arrow in Level 1 despite a subtle hint from Treguard.  They would have to be flawless to win after that blunder.  In previous Series Gwen would have refused to help them and as a result they would have died on the Blocker.
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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Brangwen »

Actually, knowing me I would of taken the Key instead of the Necklace like they did, silly me, I never think about things properly.

But when the Dungeoneer was in the decender, did I hear her say "What's happaning Helen?".....She seems to have more respect for her than her fellow advisors, lol. Actually when she died, Helen(I think) looked absolutly gutted.

But......death by blades was the best bit. The Skull was nicely used.

Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Lord_Bob »

I thought that too. Still a bit of red paint spillage would've been more satisfying ;)
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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Porsmond »

I say serves this team right, they kept taking too long over everything anyway and they were so stupid not to give the lady the Gem

The lady clearly hinted she wanted a gem, and said if you give to me to me, I will Help you, Also the team knew this lady was on the good side but I cant believe they debated about it. Hard to say what would have happened if they did give it to her in time, I reckon a sight Spell to see further in the corridor or blades or most likely she would have come along with her to help her dodge the blades.

Oh well, enough of her, now lets enjoy the winning team this coming week :)

Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Lord_Bob »

I wouldnt go so far as to call Elita a lady ;)
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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Moocowthingy »

Oh well, enough of her, now lets enjoy the winning team this coming week :)
Cheers :) as I havent seen this in many years I do try and avoid the result you know just like with the football on a Saturday.

Anyway episode 6.  Firstly the Gatemaster.  Nice cossie great booming voice and I was after his speech expecting somthing.  " Everything you have done before leads to me  ..... now get in the decnder please pass go and collect 200 pounds ".  I realy was expecting a question or somthing alike and maybe you would live if you got it right.

Does this team also get an award for being the defest team ever.  Even when they do actualy hear somthing they want it spelt out TWICE.

I dont think being slow with the gem had anything to do with the COB death.  Personaly I think that was just down to being slow in the COB.  I think the advisors shout right 5 times and she hardly started to move.  I dont think Elita would have gone with them r shown another exit personaly I think maybe she would have provided another spell or password or somthing similar.

A late reply to episode 6 but I had it on tape and only got to it today.
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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Elita »

4. She goes along with them and helps them avoid the blades.
Only Gundrada's stupid enough to do that.
;D Besides, most of the teams that went through the CoB didn't NEED help. I think it's more an exercise in "How well can the advisers direct their Dungeoneer/can the Dungeoneer react to directions". Meaning that this team were doomed from the outset...
I dont think being slow with the gem had anything to do with the COB death.  Personaly I think that was just down to being slow in the COB.  I think the advisors shout right 5 times and she hardly started to move.  I dont think Elita would have gone with them r shown another exit personaly I think maybe she would have provided another spell or password or somthing similar.
My sentiments exactly.
that elf woman asked if they had anything else.. i'm wondering if that would have been used to get the info..  after all i doubt she would have done even if the team gave her the rudy soon as possible.
Well, to avoid spoliers I'll just say watch out for how the next team deals with her...
I wouldnt go so far as to call Elita a lady
She'd probably be offended. I certainly would be...
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Re: Series 5 Episode 6

Post by JamesA »

Just a couple of further points:

1. There was a spyglass in the Corridor of Blades which proved to be a very good distraction as the tem were intent on picking it up and were too slow (although that's no surprise) in reacting to the incoming blade hence met their tragic end.

2. The Corridor of Blades only makes two appearances this season - I won't say too much otherwise it migh turn into a spoiler....
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Tom41 »

Bumping this thread for tonight's episode!

Resumed on the Earth/Air/Fire causeway. Navigated brilliantly and got through. I think they should have died at one point, as the dungeoneer's feet were on one tile as it fell down. Perhaps they were let off.

In the next room they found a chest, with a skull going up and down over it. Although they waited for the skull to move up before going to the chest, they failed to tell the dungeoneer to duck down as it moved down again - damaging their life force! The skull disappeared as they opened the chest with the key though. Inside was a scroll, with one word, PIXEL, on it. They thought this must be a spell.

Came into an internal castle room, where they got food. But then Skarkill and the goblins appeared, so they had to spellcast PIXEL. This caused Pixel the Pixie to appear, and used her needle on Skarkill to make him run away! Then they thanked Pixel for her help, and Pixel requested they magic her away again. So they had to disspell LEXIP to make her disappear.

Arrived in front of a tower with a metal gate in the front. Cautiously approached it. When the camera changed to a closer view, the Gatekeeper appeared serving 'neither the powers that be nor the opposition'. Told him their name and quest, and were allowed into the Descender. (metal door opened)
The Gatekeeper gave them information that Level 2 was 5 levels down, 6 up and 2 down. At first they thought they had to make the lift go down 5, up 6 and 2 down - but the dungeoneer cleverly noticed that adding those numbers up would just be 1 level down! Told the Descender to go down 1 level, and it did.

This team became the first to get to Level 3 this season. There was only one door that the Descender stopped at, and it had a Frightknight symbol above it!

Arrived outside a castle, where I sort of expected a blocker to jump out - but there was no wall so it couldn't! They found some food and clue objects. One scroll said 'The key to my dungeon is the jewel in my crown'. The other one said just 'GHOST' so they thought it was a spell. The spells don't count as items, so they decided to take the key and the jewel. A skull appeared and chased them out!

Encountered Elita in the next area doing a ritual. Elita told them to get out fairly quickly, giving them directions - but also heard that 'ruby red' was a part of her incantation. Took a LONG time deciding whether to give Elita the ruby or not. Eventually they decided to give it to her - but Elita just ran off with it and didn't help!
I think it was because they took so long deciding that put them in losing status, had they just given it straight away Elita would probably have helped.

Next was the Corridor of Blades, where they got chopped in half - ooh, nasty! Wait, was that the original Life Force Skull? Knice! Treguard said that Elita could have saved them, but they took too long to decide. Too bad we never got to see them use the GHOST spell.

Next team got a free ride from Smirkenoff into Level 1, and arrived in front of a castle. There were a few clue objects on a table there - an arrow, a fish, a spy-glass, a scroll, some rope and a bag of Silver. They took the fish as food, then read the scroll. It said 'Look - but not here'. Taking the scroll's advise, they took the spy-glass (but didn't use it) and silver, and went into the castle.

Through an eye-shield sequence into a castle courtyard. Here, they found Motley trapped in the stocks. Motley referred to the dungeoneer as 'elmet-ed' and asked him to come over. They couldn't release Motley from the stocks, because they needed a key. Timed out as they were talking to Motley.
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Post by HarveyTowers »

I'm just do the level 3 bit

The clue room looked quite like a blocker chamber to me, I was tryng to remember if they had a password.

"The gem was the key to the dungeon," this would suggest to me that they wouldn't have any use for the key, but the team thought differently.

Elita seemed to be in the middle of some ritual and wanted the gem/firestone. Team didn't get help as they dithered about before deciding.

Next, Treyguard sent them up the stairs - that wouldn't have happened under the old regime!

Into a speedy corridor of blades. Also, this serious there is no warming, they just appear in the corridor.
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Billy »

Judging by all the near misses, I was surprised they got off the first causeway! Somehow, even after they decided to stand in front of a skulls path, they eventually entered Level 3...only to get killed off in the CoB after once again taking a ridiculous time to...well, do anything. I can't blame Elita for running off like that, I'm surprised she didn't die of boredom.

But this knew team have got to a promising start!
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Post by TheBrollachan »

and they had 2 warnings from Treguard and Pickle to hurry up but they still took their time. Prehaps they needed to use the ghost spell to survive the CoB's?
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Post by MoanaLiza »

They probably would've been able to get through the CoB had Sarah have went to the right when directed there. I couldn't help wondering if Sarah could always here her advisors such as in the CoB as she didn't always respond to commands and sometimes questioned what the advisors said. Same thing though with other teams sometimes.

Hmmm it seems to me that Elita is Pickle's sister, but Pickle wont admit to it.
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Re:Series 5 Episode 6

Post by Malefact »

Perhaps, considering that this team was a bit on the ponderous side, the Real Powers that Be decided that, after the team made a mistake and was (I guess) put on 'losing status', a quick end was called for and put them straight into the CoB.
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