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by Billy
08 Jan 2003, 23:04
Forum: Jester's Corner
Topic: A great Knightmare joke...
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Re: A great Knightmare joke...

Let's see if I can do some...

Treguard- Pickle, there's a elf at the door trying to sell me some home made toilets...

Pickle- Tell him to bog off! ::)

Motley's hat, although he's never been seen without it, isn't part of his head- it's just a false hood. ::)
by Billy
29 Nov 2002, 04:24
Forum: Knightmare on Challenge?
Topic: Knightmare on Challenge schedule
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Re: Knightmare on Challenge schedule

Confirmation of the schedule for Knightmare repeats on Challenge. As part of the Christmas Cult Selection: 23rd Dec: Series 3, Episode 1 26th Dec: Series 3, Episode 2 These will be shown sometime between 2pm-5pm and repeated sometime between 9pm-Midnight. The documentary should also be going out du...
by Billy
26 Nov 2002, 17:47
Forum: Knightmare VR
Topic: Press Release from Televirtual
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Re: Press Release from Televirtual

Erm....something strange happening this month...

November 18th- Knew Knightmare Forum opens
November 19th- Series 3 confirmed to be re-shown on Challenge TV
November 25th- Knews that Knew Knightmare may return to our screens.

What next? Hugo Myatt joins the forum? ;D
by Billy
26 Nov 2002, 17:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Before the quest objects
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Re: Before the quest objects

What the heck is going on in this thread? ???
by Billy
20 Nov 2002, 03:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Fear (no, not HIM)
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Re: Fear (no, not HIM)

I can honestly say I've never been scared by Knightmare.
by Billy
19 Nov 2002, 15:55
Forum: Knightmare on Challenge?
Topic: Challenge TV to show Knightmare this Christmas
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Re: Challenge TV to show Knightmare this Christmas

I've always wanted to say this....

Knightmare is back!
[img width=150 height=150][/img]
I'm so happy!

We will never see Knightmare repeated on television again

by Billy
17 Nov 2002, 23:53
Forum: Series 1
Topic: Series 1
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Re: Series 1

Series 1 is ok, but nowhere near as good as Series 2. The lines are far too scripted with the same things being spoken at the same time. 'You have delayed too long, manifestation is now occuring, stand quite still dungeoneer' was said by Treguard at least 5 times... The characters were very good but...
by Billy
17 Nov 2002, 23:22
Forum: Website Feedback
Topic: Nice One
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Re: Nice One can do lots of cool stuff with them!  ;D
You mean, things like this?
[img width=150 height=150][/img]
by Billy
17 Nov 2002, 23:04
Forum: Website Feedback
Topic: Re: Welcome
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Re: Welcome

Hey, these forums are good! I think I'm going to like it here. :D <--The first smiley I ever made on this board, and my first post.