Parody of The Big Bang Theory theme

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Parody of The Big Bang Theory theme

Post by Drassil » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:50 pm

A variation on something I wrote for the Knightmare Roleplay Forum in May 2014. Based on the opening theme to The Big Bang Theory by Barenaked Ladies (2007). Video with extended version of theme song

The kids' TV world was such an old dull place
But 1987 was the year there came a furry face
He opened up the halls
With all the wizards, wights and walls
The dungeoneers began to quest
They wore a hat (it had two horns on it)
Shield, chalice, talisman
And Treguard in his palace, man
It all started with a big beard

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Re: Parody of The Big Bang Theory theme

Post by Pooka » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:23 pm

Something that a lot of people know (but a few don't) is that the name of the song is The History of Everything, and that it's a BNL song in its own right, as opposed to just a theme song. I saw BNL play it live about a year ago. There's a video of the full thing (with lyrics) here.

However, I think the version you've written is fine, even if it's just based on the first verse... it packs more of a punch that way!
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