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The magic carpet turned a corner. The exit was at the other end of the corridor - but it was now blocked by rubble.
"Oh, no!" cried Kully. They landed next to the portal. Majida, Kully and Fear tried to lift the blocks out of the way, but to no avail.
"This is typical!" gasped Fear.

Just then, Treguard, Gibbett and Mellisandre (the latter still unconscious and being carried by Gibbett) appeared. They saw the blocked exit.
"Am I glad to see you!" breathed Kully. "Help us clear the door!"
"What happened to Pickle?" asked Treguard.
"A crushing blow," sneered Fear, "the same as what seems to have affected Mellisandre."

Treguard stood still for a moment, unable to comprehend Fear's lack of tact. He'd had enough of it. He marched up and punched Fear full in the face. He recoiled, and doubled up on the floor gasping with pain.
"You'll pay for this!" he hissed, nursing a broken nose.
"There's no time to get through this door," announced Treguard. "In any case, there's only one exit that can save us from destruction."
"The Way Out?" asked Pickle weakly.
"We must hurry," urged Treguard. "Gibbett: put Mellisandre on the carpet, next to Pickle. Let's go!"

And so they all ran off towards (they hoped) the Way Out, with the magic carpet serving as a stretcher for Pickle and Mellisandre.
"It's next to the Quest Chamber," gasped Fear, still clasping his nose.

Suddenly, they ran headlong into a crowd of people. The same people who were looking for them.
"There you are!" cried Mace.
"We've been looking everywhere for you, Camel Heads!" shouted Cedric. "We've got to get out of here!"
"What happened to you, Lordness?" asked Lissard.
"Rubble," lied Fear. Scarkill looked at Treguard, whose expression said it all.

Before anyone else could speak, however, Treguard, Pickle, Majida and Kully vanished in a flash of red light.
"Where'd they go?" asked Gumboil nervously.
"They've been kidnapped!" cried Gundrada.
"Who by?" asked McGrew. Everyone shook their heads.
"Well, there's no time to look for them now," announced Elita. "We should save ourselves."
"You fools!" hissed Fear. "That was Hordriss! We were trying to find the Way Out. That doddering old fool has saved them and left us here to die!"
"Where is the Way Out?!" asked Julius Scaramonger desparately.
"Over there..." began Fear, but before he could finish, huge blocks of rubble began cascading down from the ceiling. In less than twenty seconds the corridor was blocked.
"Well, that settles it!" cried Mace. "We can't get to the Way Out now. We'll just have to use the main door. There may be another Way Out outside the tower."
Reluctantly, everyone agreed and made for the exit.

"Blocked!" hissed Velda.
"Come on, everyone!" cried Mace. "We have to get this rubble shifted!"
Everyone ran towards the huge pile of rocks and began lifting them away. They strained to move them as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, Treguard, Pickle, Majida and Kully had appeared at the entrance of the Way Out. Before them stood Hordriss and Sidriss.
"You must leave now," ordered Hordriss.
"But the others!" cried Majida.
"They have to remain here, Majida," said Treguard softly.
"Why?!" screamed Kully.
"There's no time for explanations!" cried Hordriss, and with a wave of his hand he whisked them onto a large block, inside the large pipe that lead back to the threshold.
"For what it's worth," said Sidriss, "thankyoufor saving me."
"But we can't just let the others die!" cried Pickle, grimacing in pain.
"They died years ago, Pickle," said Treguard. "In a way, they never lived."

Hordriss waved his hand again, and Pickle and Mellisandre glowed. When the light faded, they were standing, healed.
"What's happening?" asked Mellisandre weakly.
"Farewell, Dungeon Master," said Hordriss solomnly. With a final wave of his hand, the block began to move. Hordriss and Sidriss stood and watched it as it began its journey. She held his hand. Pickle, Majida and Kully tried to get off the block, but Treguard held them at bay with WYRMSLAYER.
"You'll understand someday," he said shakily.

Merlin and Mogdred were still entwined - a vicious storm of blue and green.
"You'll die too!" screamed Mogdred.
"With any luck," replied Merlin. "Then the dungeon will survive."

The energy storm then exploaded in a huge flash of white light, first engulfing the chamber it was in, then the entire tower of Marblehead, and then the entire dungeon. Oakley, way back in Level One, gazed at the shimmering sky.
"Right on time," he said sadly.

Then, the third blast sounded.
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The tunnel Treguard, Pickle, Majida and Kully was travelling down was starting to melt away. Looking down, Treguard discovered that they were no longer standing but flying. Suddenly, they found themselves standing in his antechamber, safely out of the dungeon.
"Look at theese place!" cried Majida. Pickle raced to the viewer and tried to get it working. He succeeded, but the picture was distorted.
"Root and fen," he murmered. Treguard, Majida and Kully gathered round to watch.

Everyone had managed to escape the tower just as it started to collapse.
"That was close!" breathed Honesty Bartrum.
"Look!" cried Gundrada, pointing upwards. The sky was dissolving, breaking up into its component colours, that promptly began raining down on them all.
"Dragons' droppings," spat Elita.

They all bled away into a mass of colours. Less than a minute later, the writhing masses of colours had blended together into a continuous sea of white. Then, it faded away to black. There was nothing left.

"They've gone," whispered Kully, crying.
"Thee entire dungeon ees gone," murmered Majida.
"Will it ever return?" asked Pickle. Treguard gazed at the hearth. The fire had burnt out completely.
"I don't know," replied Treguard softly. "It could take a year. It could take centuries. It may never reform at all."
"And none of them will come back?" asked Kully.
"They may do," replied Treguard. "One thing is certain, though. The next phase, if it comes, will be very different. Even if some of them survive the transition they might not even look the same. The very rules of the game may change."

"I still don't understand why this had to happen!" cried Pickle.
"The dungeon is not like our reality," replied Treguard. "It is not fixed. What you fail to realise is that the people it contains aren't fixed either. Mogdred tried to extend his presence into later phases. Merlin managed to stop him. When you released them, the dungeon had to shift back to accomodate them. It's the golden rule of any reality - cause and effect are interchangable. Of course, the dungeon couldn't maintain its stability. The only way was to destroy it, before it destroyed itself. If that had happened it would have never returned at all."

"So there is a chance it may reform?" asked Pickle hesitantly. Treguard took another look at the hearth. A tiny flame had started to flicker.
"Yes," he replied. "In time."


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Browsing through amongst the grimy stock in an ill-lit old bric-a-brac shop in Chatham a young student came across a battered, damaged copy of T. H. White’s Once and future King.
Excitement gripped him.
Could this be a marred, but nonetheless valuable first edition?
Disappointment followed.
Opening the cover to the flyleaf he found the unmistakable imprint of a popular massed-produced library edition.
The student turned over the first page, but there trapped between the well thumbed pages he found two thin sheets of writing paper, yellow brown with age, yet covered with sprawling characters penned in a wavering hand.


..take the A5 west from what is now called Llangollen. After five miles you cross a small stream flowing north-south. A mile further, and a deer and sheep track leads off N. into woodland. Follow this path N. and you will find the wreck of an old abandoned mineshaft. You must carry a good rope for the cage and mechanism has long been scavenged for scrap. Drop down into the darkness until your feet find the floor.
Walk forward.
You are now on the Old Celtic Path.
Walk on into darkness until you see the faint glimmerings from the first of the ever-burning torches. Here is the dungeon called Faerie which has never gone from us.
Rather it is we who have abandoned it….

The letter was not signed conventionally. Instead, the same wavering hand, as if strengthened by sudden resolve, had slashed twice with the pen, to produce a single, simple letter T.  
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