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Post by Malefact » Tue Mar 11, 2003 11:58 am

[I'm sorry I've been replying to myself; I had too much to add for just one post (there's a limit). Anyway, I'm not adding anything until someone else has!

btw, I've drawn up a list of all the characters from Km who haven't yet appeared in the story. I thought it'd be great if they could all turn up just in the nick of time!

I love the idea of a catfight!]
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Post by Velda » Wed Mar 12, 2003 7:14 pm

[Finally - here's my contribution for the story, with a little help from somebody.  ;)]

Aesandre stepped back and viewed the chaos on the viewscreen.  "Once Lord Fear has been disposed of", she said, "I will deal with that old fool Mogdred.  His powers are in no way as formidable as mine.  And once I've defeated him, I shall take my rightful place as ruler of the dungeon", she said haughtily.

Maldame spun round on hearing this.  "You?", she spat.  "Your power is extremely limited compared to Mogdred's!  And if you don't mind me saying so, my powers supercede your own!  If anyone takes over from Mogdred, it'll be me!"

Aesandre turned sharply towards Maldame, drew her hand back and fired an energy ball at her.  It struck Maldame hard and she staggered back a few steps, her breath knocked out of her.  When she recovered, there was a raging fire in her eyes.  "You'll pay for that!", she shrieked, and in return she fired an energy ball at Aesandre.  

It missed.  Instead of hitting it's intended target, it hit the side of the belfry, thus knocking out their protective force field.  

"Idiot!  Look what you've done", screamed the ice sorceress at her rival.
"Me?", Maldame replied angrily, "it was you who started this!  You, with your illusions of grandeur, thinking you can really beat Mogdred and myself!"
"Oh, look who's talking!" screamed Aesandre, "You have less power than an earthworm!"

Suddenly there was a blinding flash near to where the forcefield had been, and out of this flash appeared a group of people.  But this wasn't just any old group of people.  It consisted of Heggatty, Peggatty, Mildread, Mrs Goody and Lillith.  The Witches Alliance!  They all rushed into where Aesandre and Maldame were in an intense catfight, punching, slapping, scratching and pulling each other's hair.  They were so mad at each other that they didn't notice the motley group of witches rush into the room.  They stared in amusement at what was happening.

Lillith noticed the frozen figure of Greystagg, standing silently in the corner of the room.  She went over to it and observed that her face was frozen in a shocked expression.  Lillith looked at the statue with concern, stood back a little from it, drew her hand back and fired an energy ball at the frozen Witch Queen.

Greystagg stirred into life, coughing and spluttering.  Although she had been frozen for the last while, she had observed everything that had happened.  She looked at Lillith and smiled.
"Thank you Lillith", she said gratefully.
"What are sisters for?", crooned Lillith.

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Post by GrimaldineGrimwold » Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:57 pm

[Well done Velda! This old crone - bald wizard composite is very proud. :D ]
"Sometimes of the Grey, but always of the Green, dearie. Shurrup Brollachan! Have you seen Festus, my dear? I need to take him back to Cornwall. " [cackle]

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Post by Malefact » Thu Mar 13, 2003 12:02 am

[Now we're really cooking!!!]

Pickle, Majida, Kully, Motley, Folly and the goblins were running as fast as they could through the forest but the destruction was catching them up.
"We'll never get off this level!" cried Kully. Everyone was starting to despair. Suddenly, two dragons swooped out of the sky and into the distance, landing several hundred meters away.
"That was Smirkenorf!" cried Pickle.
"But who was the other one?" asked Majida, panting.
"Let's find out!" shouted Kully.

After running flat out, they arrived at a large clearing.
"Get on!" ordered Smirkenorf.
"Oh, thankyou!" gasped Pickle.
"Quickly!" urged Owen, "there is no time to lose!"
"Who are you, by the way?" asked Kully.
"My name's Owen. Get on!!!"

Everyone clambered onto the dragons' backs. Some of the goblins had to climb onto their feet. It took a while for the dragons to take off, as they were so weighed down. Off they went, though, just as the wake was catching up.
"That was close!" breathed Majida.

Meanwhile, back in Marblehead, Treguard and Hordriss were being attended to by Mellisandre and Gibbett.
"Talk to me, Treguard!" cried Mellisandre. It was no use, though. He was almost dead.
"Lord Fear, can't you do something?" she screamed.
Lord Fear huffed.
"This goes against my principals, but I'll try," he muttered. "Let's hope my ring decides to work this time."

He extended his arm. Fortunately, since Aesandre and Maldame were currently rather busy with a group of riled witches, no-one blocked the ring's power. Treguard and Hordriss glowed brightly for a moment, and then all was well. They opened their eyes.
"I suppose I should thank you, Lord Fear," whispered Treguard, who staggered to his feet, aided by Mellisandre.
"It's not too late to switch sides, you know," spoke Hordriss.
"You old fool!" shrieked Fear. "I am giving you lot thirty seconds to get out of my tower, for old time's sake! Then, we're going to continue where we left off, before some meddling old crone stole my powers!"
"Father?" called Sidriss weakly.
"I'm here, Sidriss," replied Hordriss, rushing over to help his daughter. "Everything's all right now."

"Everything is very far from alright, my old friend!" came a deep, sinister voice.

All the torches on the wall suddenly started to burn with green flame. A deep, dark shadow grey out of the far wall, and out of it stepped Mogdred.
"Oh, rats," muttered Fear. "I forgot about him."

"Ambition is a very dangerous thing," boomed Greystagg to Maldame and Aesandre, who were suspended in mid-air, wailing.
"Let us go!" screached Maldame.
"What shall we do with them?" asked Mildread coyly.
"I got some potions to test out!" laughed Mistress Goody.
"What about some fireballs, eh?" giggled Peggerty.
"You and your fireballs!" sighed Heggerty.
"No," said Greystagg flatly. "Something quick and simple."
She snapped her fingers. Aesandre and Maldame vanished.
"Where'd you send them to, eh?" asked Heggerty.
"I sent them to meet someone," replied Greystagg, smiling.

Aesandre and Maldame materialised in a large pit. Looking around, they saw the hideous image of a large pooka moving towards them, hungry for energy. They tried to banish it. They tried energy bolts. Nothing worked. Needless to say, the pooka had its fill of nourishment that day.

Smirkenorf and Owen landed outside Marblehead, totally exhausted. Their passengers disembarked.
"Come on!" cried Pickle. "We have to save Treguard! He doesn't know what's happening!"
A huge peal of hideous laughter rang out from the entire tower. It rattled along the walls and made the bars on the dungeon doors rattle. Above the tower, black storm clouds were gathering.
"Mogdred!" gasped Majida.
"If you want my opinion," remarked Smirkenorf, "they're all done for."
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Post by Malefact » Sat Mar 15, 2003 12:05 am

People had started to arrive at Marblehead. They were congregating at the main entrance. However, a huge iron portcullis stood between them and the dark door into the tower.
"How did you lot get here?" cried Cedric.
"A lot of luck," replied Kully.
"Anyone have any ideas how to get in?" asked Gumboil.
Everyone shook their heads.
"Wait!" cried Majida. "I know!"
"What?" asked everyone.
"One team who got here before used a green gem. Maldame gave eet to them. She said that doors opened for it."
"How do we get hold of it?" demanded Cedric.
"I don't know," sighed Majida.
"Well, that's a big help! Dog's Bottom!"
"Don't talk to her like that!" shouted Pickle.
"Ah, shuttup you miserable pig's bladder!"
"Look!" cried Kully.
Everyone spun around and saw an army of people moving towards them, headed by Brother Mace.
"Look who we found!" he cried.

The croud consisted of Brother Mace, Brother Strange, Gretel, Romanha, Marta, Ridolfo, Snapper Jack, Velda, Elita, Olaf, Bumptious the Miner, McGrew, a cloaked Boatman, the Gatemaster, Julius Scaramonger, Ah Wok, Rothberry the Apothecary, Sir Hugh de Witless, Honesty Bartrum, Gundrada, Raptor, Fidget, Stiletta, Gwendoline and two giants - one with a large moustache, and one with horns.

"We can't get past this door!" cried Pickle.
"Well, we've brought along some friends who can help with that," replied Mace.

Suddenly, eleven wall monsters appeared around the portcullis; Granitas, Olgarth, Igneous, Golgarach, Brangwen, Dooris, Doorkis, Dooreen, two blockers and the Brollochan.
"Brangwen and I were able to convert them to our cause," droned Brollochan.

The monsters moved towards each other. With a flash of light, they were gone. In their place, there was a single giant wall monster - an amalgam. It rammed itself into the portcullis, ripping it in two. With a cheer, everyone ran for the entrance.

Meanwhile, in the high turret, Mogdred was summoning his energy bolts.
"Do something, your Lordships!" screached Hands.
"There's nothing I can do," muttered Fear. Mogdred cackled.
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Post by Malefact » Sun Mar 16, 2003 12:51 am

"Let's get out of here," muttered Lillith, and summoned a portal back to her domain in Level One.
"Wait!" cried Greystagg. "We must help Treguard."
"That meddling Dungeon Master?" screached Lillith. "What for?"
"Would you be happy to have Mogdred in charge?" cried Greystagg. Lillith muttered something under her breath.
"I'll leave the portal here," she said. "We shall in all probability be needing to make a quick exit."

"What are you going to do to us?" cried Scarkill nervously.
"I haven't decided yet," crooned Mogdred. "It will not, however, be pleasent!"
He hesitated, seemingly distracted by something. He then turned back hurridly.
"Perhaps I shall leave you to a few of my friends, for now," he said malevolently. With a wave of his hand, he conjured up a Catacombite, a pooka, a stormgeist, a Cavern wraith and a Skeletron. The door behind Lissard opened.
"Run!" screamed Mogdred, laughing. Treguard, Fear, Mellisandre, Gibbett, Hands, Scarkill and Lissard turned and ran as fast as they could out of the room, followed by the monsters.

Mogdred turned. Greystagg, Lillith and the witches materialised in front of him.
"So!" murmered Mogdred, "betrayal."
"Your presence in this phase is destroying the dungeon," Lillith barked.
"Marvellous, isn't it?" cried Mogdred.

"Everybody split up!" gasped Treguard, as they came to a junction of corridors. Fortunately, there were more of them than there were monsters. After a while, Treguard realised that he wasn't being pursued. He smiled, a plan formulating in his head. He raced as fast as he could towards a room he knew contained an object that could turn the tables in his favour.

The room was quite small and shabby-looking. That was all part of the act, of course. It disguised the real power inside it. Treguard noticed a sword on the wall. Grinning, he took it. Written on the handle was "WYRMSLAYER".
"That's useful," he muttered. After looking around, he saw what he wanted. It was a small, wooden box. With a deep breath, he opened it. The huge sound of a horn rang out. Not a goblin horn - something a lot more ominous.
"The first blast," breathed Treguard. "Mogdred will not survive this."

Mogdred looked up, recognising the sound. He snarled.
"I shall deal with you, later," he snapped at the witches, and disappeared.

"What was that?" gasped Pickle.
"That was the first blast!" cried Olaf. "When the third blast sounds the dungeon will disintegrate!"
"Permanently?!!" screamed Kully.
"No," replied Velda. "It will reform for the next phase, but almost everything will be obliterated. The next phase will be totally unlike this one."
"That means we'll be destroyed, too!" cried Brother Strange, dismayed.
"Mogdred, too," replied Elita. "That's probably why it's happening."
"How long do we have?" asked Gundrada nervously.
"No more than fifteen minutes," replied Velda softly. "Then everything will be destroyed."
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Post by Steveir » Mon Mar 17, 2003 2:49 pm

Treguard stood frozen to the spot, unable to quite comprehend what he was doing, he was ending this phase of the dungeon with himself and his assistants inside it.A cold breeze rattled through the chamber followed by a bolt of lightning.

"Very courageous of you Treguard, but very fool hardy" said a voice Treguard recognised immediately.

"Sometimes we have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good Merlin" he replied

"You are the Dungeon master, the Dungeon needs you. If you sacrifice yourself now, it will be unprotected, the opposition will run rampant. I cannot allow you to do this" Merlin argued

Treguard moved to argue his point but Merlin was having none of it.

"Spellcasting F R E E Z E".  The horn, in the box had been moving to sound again but suddenly stopped.

"What are you doing?" exclaimed Treguard

"I'm giving you a chance to get everyone out of the dungeon before it disintegrates", replied Merlin, "unfortunately my magic is not as powerful as it once was, I cannot stop the horn for long. Go, get out of here, I will take care of Mogdred"

"But Merlin...." started Treguard

"No buts Dungeon Master, Mogdred is my problem and I will take care of him, survival and the preservation of the Dungeons' inhabitants is yours. Go now, if all is successful I hope that we shall one day fight side by side once again" Merlin argued

Treguard looked at Merlin fondly and smiled, "Very well, thank you. Good luck to you Merlin"

"And to you too Treguard" Merlin replied

And with WRYMSLAYER in his hand Treguard bolted out of the chamber to find everyone.

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Post by Malefact » Mon Mar 17, 2003 5:31 pm

[Nice one, steveir!]

Just as the army was entering the tower, Sylvester Hands ran out, speeding right past them screaming. He was followed closely by a Skeletron.
"I say!" cried Gundrada. "I don't know what that thing is but I'd like to chop it up!"
"Eet is called a Skeletron," Majida told her.
"Not that thing!" shrieked Gundrada, "I mean that dirty thing that smells like Pooka poo!"
"That's Sylvester Hands," chuckled Mace.
"And he's finally getting his come-uppence," laughed Gwendoline.

Then, Scarkill ran past them, too - followed by a giant Pooka.
"HELP!" he screamed.
"I'd rather watch!" laughed Elita.
"We'd better help them," said McGrew. "They probably know this place a lot better than us."
"I suppose you're right," huffed Gundrada.
"OK," sniffed Elita.

Gundrada went off after the Skeletron. She found it advancing upon Hands. She drew her sword and hacked the thing into bits.
"Ooh! Thanks!" leered Hands. "Who are you?"
"I am Gundrada, the Sword Mistress!" she replied grandly, "and I'll thank you to take your filthy hands off me!"

Elita, meanwhile, had tracked down the Pooka.
"Get lost, you tower of ugliness!" she screamed. "You can't scare me when I scare you!"
It worked, surprisingly enough. The Pooka decided it would be better off gobbling animals in the forest - at least they couldn't nag you to death. It vanished.
"We need a guide," snapped Elita.
"You've got it!" gasped Scarkill.

Meanwhile, a large Catacombite was making life rather unpleasent for Lissard. Despite his dexterity, he was eventually cornered. He flinched, expecting a gruesome death.
"Spellcasting F R E E Z E R!" came a deep, booming voice. The Catacombite stood rooted to the spot, unmoving. Lissard opened his eyes. Behind the Catacombite stood Hordriss and Sidriss. He gasped with relief.
"Come quickly!" urged Hordriss. "There is very little time!"

Elsewhere still, Mogdred had tracked down Treguard.
"You are a fool!" he screamed.
"It's the only way to stop you, Mogdred," replied Treguard.
"You'll all be destroyed, too!" Mogdred cried, with a touch of fear in his voice.
"We were destroyed years ago, Mogdred," snapped Treguard. "The only reason everyone has come back is because the dungeon is malfunctioning!"
"What about you, then?" breathed Mogdred. "You are not part of the dungeon! You were never destroyed originally! But you will be!"
"That is a price I am willing to pay," said Treguard softly.
"Where is the box?!" screamed Mogdred. Treguard said nothing.
"If you don't tell me, I will make you feel pain you never thought possible!" Mogdred hissed. Treguard remained unmoved. Mogdred raised his hands, summoning all the energy he had.

Just as Mogdred was about to release his bolts of power, someone grabbed his hands. He misfired, hitting the ceiling. The whole tower shook.
"It is time," said Merlin. "We cannot put off the inevitable any longer."
"I refuse!" screamed Mogdred, struggling to get away but failing. The two began to spark. A green and blue hazy veil of energy enveloped them.
"Run, Dungeon Master!" cried Merlin. Treguard turned and made off down the corridor as fast as he could. Above him, he heard the sound of crumbling. The entire tower of Marblehead was coming apart. Masonry began to fall.
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Post by Malefact » Mon Mar 17, 2003 7:17 pm

"What's happening to the tower?" cried Stiletta.
"It's coming apart," muttered Strange.
"But Treguard's still in there!" cried Majida.
"Is anyone else in there?" asked Kully.
"Yeah," gasped Scarkill, running up. "Hordriss, Sidriss, Gibbett, Mellisandre and Lord Fear."
"Oh, no!" cried Gretel.
"We have to get them out of there!" announced Mace.

Suddenly, the Cavern Wraith emerged from a wall and floated towards them.
"What is that thing?" hissed Velda.
"A Cavern Wraith!" cried Olaf.
"Just as I thought!" boomed Bumptious, "I'm sure there's a rule about them things somewhere!" and began to inspect his rule book.
"Spellcasting A V A U N T!" cried Cedric. A bolt of green lightning appeared as if from nowhere and enveloped the ghost. In a flash, it was gone.
"Ruddy things," muttered Scarkill.
"Come on!" urged McGrew, drawing his sword.
"Yes!" cried Gundrada, doing the same, "I'm not about to let some sneaky sorceror ruin my quest!"
"What is your quest, by the way?" asked Pickle. Gundrada turned to him.
"Since you ask," she replied, "I have been looking for a rather nifty little artefact called the Reach Wand."

"Enough talk!" cried Cedric and raced inside. He turned a corner to be confronted by a line of Miremen patrolling the entrance.
"Where'd they come from?!" he screached.
"No idea," replied Mace, running up.
"Look!" cried Elita, pointing towards a horn on a table, on the other side of the line of Miremen.
"If I'm not mistaken," said Stiletta, "that's a Horn of Beckoning. Blow that, and those Miremen will home in on it."
"What we need is a decoy," said Gumboil, "but how do we get hold of that horn to blow it?"
"With this!" boomed Cedric triumphantly, holding up the potion of INVISIBILITY.
"I told you we needed it!" he cried cheerfully.
"Well done!" said everyone. Cedric drank the potion, and make ready to run...

In the seemingly endless tunnels, Treguard bumped into Gibbett, who was carrying an unconcious Mellisandre. Her head was bleeding.
"What happened?" asked Treguard.
"A chunk of concrete from the ceiling," replied Gibbett shakily.
"Let's go," announced Treguard, trying not to let it affect him. They continued down the corridor as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, the witches had reconvened in the belfry, next to the portal.
"There is nothing more that can be done," sighed Greystagg.
"There must be something we can do!" cried Mildread.
"Like what?" snapped Lillith.
"Point taken," replied Mildread softly. And so, the witches walked through the portal, back to Lillith's lair. The door disintegrated after the last of them had passed through. They knew what was happening and couldn't do anything about it. They decided to enjoy the short time they had left before everything phased out.
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Post by Malefact » Tue Mar 18, 2003 6:42 pm


I thought I'd better put in a 'brief' summary of what's going on in case anyone has lost track (easily done - this story has become extremely complex).

(1) At the end of series 4, there was a stand-off between Merlin and Mogdred, resulting in Merlin locking Mogdred and himself away in a kind of temporal hole to prevent them manifesting in the next phase of the dungeon.

(2) A few years later, at the end of series 8, Pickle, Majida and Kully found this temporal hole in the form of a locked room. Curiosity got the better of them. They managed to open it, and unwittingly released them. Since two characters from one phase of the dungeon had manifested in another, the dungeon malfunctioned. The result was that all the various incarnations of the dungeon, together with their characters merged.

(3) As a result of this, Morghana phased back too. She was quite old, however (not physically apparant - she masked it with her powers) and decided to search for a replacement body. She decided to use Sidriss (who turns out to be her daughter - which means she was at one time involved with Hordriss, which explains why Hordriss was a lot meaner in earlier series).

(4) After possessing Sidriss, Morghana decided to take over the dungeon. She found Lord Fear and drained him of his powers (succeeding because Lord Fear saw Sidriss, and thought he didn't need to protect himself).

(5) At this point, Treguard decides to enter the dungeon to help, guided by Pickle, Majida and Kully. He meets up with a powerless Lord Fear and teams up with him.

(6) Mogdred breaks into Treguard's antechamber, causing Pickle, Majida and Kully to flee into the dungeon.

(7) After an encounter with Mogdred, Treguard discovers that he has lost the Helmet of Justice, meaning that he is at real risk from the dungeon (seeing is believing, after all).

(8) Treguard meets up with a crowd of other characters and they decide to split up to search for Sidriss's soul (ejected from her body when Morghana possessed it).

(9) Level Two starts to disintegrate (a symptom of the malfunctioning dungeon). Grimaldine is a victim of this.

(10) Treguard et al manage to find Sidriss's soul and use BAG spell to capture it. As this happens, they are being monitored by Aesandre, Maldame and Greystagg. They have joined forces in order to destroy Fear (who is, of course, at a disadvantage). Having read the bones, they have seen the future. They know that Pickle, Majida and Kully will save Lord Fear, so they strive to make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed.

(11) Motley and Folly (with a distinctive creative tension between them!) are captured by goblins (or so they think). Actually, they need their help and form an alliance. They go to Dunkley Wood, where Pickle, Majida and Kully have been deposited by the witches in an attempt to get rid of them. They are caught in Ariadne's web and are about to be eaten. Folly and Motley use insults to get rid of Ariadne (a la series 4) as the goblins set her prisoners free. They then use Smirkenorf and Owen to flee Level Two as it disintegrates completely.

...continued on the next post...phew!...
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Post by Malefact » Tue Mar 18, 2003 6:43 pm


(12) Everyone is now at Marblehead (every character that has ever appeared, save for Oakley). All the wall monsters (including blockers and the Brollochan) have merged into one being in order to break down the portcullis guarding its entrance.

(13) A confrontation with Sidriss/Morghana sees Morghana destroyed. Sidriss is reunited with her soul. Mogdred now appears, ready to destroy them.

(14) Greystagg mutinies, not prepared to see so many lives lost for the sake of defeating Lord Fear. Aesandre freezes her. However, a power battle ensues between Aesandre and Maldame. The result is that a stray bolt of power ruptures the protective forcefield around the belfry in Marblehead where they are staying. This enables other witches (Mildread, Heggarty, Peggarty and Lillith) to find Greystagg, who they have been looking for. They rescue her, and Maldame and Aesandre are disposed of.

(15) The witches intercept Mogdred, about to do his worst. This enables his prisoners in Marblehead (Treguard, Fear, Lissard, Scarkill, Hands, Hordriss, Sidriss, Mellisandre and Gibbett) to make a run for it. Mogdred sends some creatures after them.

(16) Treguard, who is not being pursued, decides to destroy the dungeon using the same horn used at the end of series 3. Merlin appears, and uses magic to slow the horn down, to give Treguard a chance to escape the dungeon. Merlin and Mogdred begin their final encounter.

(17) A stray bolt of power from Mogdred has resulted in Marblehead crumbling away. Hands and Scarkill have already escaped. Treguard, Lissard, Fear, Mellisandre, Gibbett, Hordriss and Sidriss remain inside the tower, trying to get out before it falls to rubble.

(18 ) The witches know what's going on and know they cannot do anything to prevent the destruction of the dungeon. They leave quietly.

So, will Treguard, Pickle, Majida and Kully manage to escape the dungeon in time?

(19) Everyone else is trying to get IN the tower to rescue those trapped inside. Cedric is using an INVISIBILITY potion to lure Miremen away from the entrance, so as to let everyone in.

Points of interest: Greystagg and Lillith turn out to be sisters!

                             Mogdred burned down Treguard's antechamber before leaving it to go to Marblehead. It still exists but is charred beyond recognition.

                             It turns out that Gundrada's quest is to find the Reach Wand! (Couldn't resist!)

I think that's about everything. Granted, there are more details in the story itself so things that might not make sense here do in the main text.

Granted, there may be a few holes in the story here and there but it's nothing a bit of editing won't cure - right, Emii?!!!!  ;D
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Post by DavidNewton » Tue Mar 18, 2003 7:27 pm

[Genius. Are we going to start winding this up, or keep going for as long as possible?]
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Post by Emii » Tue Mar 18, 2003 7:51 pm

[it will be wrapped up soon - Malefact had a great idea which wil hopefully be put into practice soon...]
"The alarm, Master! The opposition's tracked them! Oh good grief...look - Lord Fear's frozen Christopher!"

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Cedric raced towards the miremen, who all turned and looked at him for a moment with bemused looks on their faces. One of them snarled something in a gurgling tone and they all moved towards the still visible Cedric.
"Ya! BOO!" he called, and raced away from both the group and the miremen. The beasts hobbled after him in short quick steps, goggling madly in their own language, and the rest of the group advanced while their backs were turned.
Slowly, Cedric was turning invisible. When he was fully gone, he needed to be able to get back through the door with the rest of them before the Miremen could return.
By now Cedric was nothing more than a blur...
"The alarm, Master! The opposition's tracked them! Oh good grief...look - Lord Fear's frozen Christopher!"

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Cedric grabbed the Horn of Beckoning from the table. He ran through the courtyards and stopped when he came to a wall. He blew with all his might. The Miremen, already mobilised, began plodding towards the sound. Cedric dropped the horn on the ground, which continued to sound (it was an automatic horn) and started to race back.

"Come on!" cried Mace as the group entered the tower amid falling rubble. Gretel screached as a large chunk of it narrowly missed her. Suddenly, they all heard a cry.
"That was Cedric!" grumbled Gumboil. "He's in trouble."

Sure enough, Cedric had been trying to edge his way past the Miremen as they plodded across the courtyard towards the horn. Still invisible, he accidentally bumped into one of them, who instinctively grabbed him. The potion was wearing off fast, and the other Miremen set upon him.
"Away from him!" shouted Mace, running up, his quarterstaff twirling rapidly. McGrew and Gundrada followed, swords drawn. The ensuing battle was over quite quickly, leaving dead Miremen strewn all over the ground. Cedric lay next to two of them, moaning softly.
"He's in a bad way," muttered Mace. "Spellcasting M E D I C I N E."
With a flash of light, Cedric was up on his feet and looking around, dazed.
"What happened?" he asked shakily.
"No time to explain," replied McGrew, "let's move!"
They ran off to join the others, who had already entered the tower.

The second blast then sounded.

Lord Fear was racing around the corridors aimlessly.
"How could you not remember the way out of your own tower?" he shouted to himself.

In the distance, he saw some figures moving towards him. They were Pickle, Majida and Kully.
"You!" he breathed.
"Having trouble?" grinned Pickle. Lord Fear raised his ring ready to fire, but changed his mind.
"Were this any other day," he spat.

Suddenly, Pickle saw a large chunk of rubble fall from the high-vaulted ceiling, directly above Lord Fear.
"Look out!" he cried, hurling himself towards Fear. He pushed him out of the way, and the block fell on him instead. Lord Fear lay on the ground, shaking.
"Pickle!" screamed Majida. She closed her eyes. The block glowed yellow, and rose from on top of Pickle before setting itself down a few meters away on the ground.
"How did you do that?" asked Kully.
"I am a genie, you know!" replied Majida indignantly, and rushed to tend to an unconscious and bleeding Pickle.

"If it hadn't been for Pickle, I'd have been crushed," murmered Fear.
"So that's why those witches didn't want us here!" gasped Kully.
"Those devious old crones!" spat Fear. He turned to look at Pickle.
"So many good deeds," he groaned, and lifted his ring. With a glow of green, Pickle was awake, but still injured.
"Damn this ring!" cried Fear.
"What's the matter?" asked Kully.
"It's almost completely discharged," replied Fear.
"Can't you do something, Majida?" asked Pickle, short of breath.
"Ees too difficult," murmered Majida. "Eet has been too long for me since I last did magic."
"I've had it," whimpered Pickle. "I'm done for!"
"Don't talk like that!" snapped Kully. "You're not done for at all."
"We should get out of here," announced Majida firmly. "Everybody get on!"
"Get on what?" asked Fear.
"This carpet, of course!" cried Majida, pointing to a large rug on the floor. Fear caught on, and sat down on it next to Kully and Pickle. Majida waved her hands, and the carpet took off down the corridor towards the exit.
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