Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 4

Knightmare inspired creations from the community.
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Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 4

Post by GranitasIsCute » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:02 pm

Series 2 Episode 4 of the Knightmare Audio Series is now available to listen to at
The episode is also available on our YouTube channel -

The Knightmare Audio Series portrays the gameplay from Knightmare entirely through audio. Give it a try and let us know what you think! :D

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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 4

Post by Canadanne » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:53 pm

LOL, the current team are very entertaining! :D

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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 4

Post by TheOldenDays » Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:16 am

We've had a lot of fun making the series over the past 6 years, but what do I really think of it? Find out now in Jake's Throwback Reviews!

Episode: Series 2, Episode 4
Original Release Date: 15th February 2014
Throwback Review Date: 5th April 2016
Score: 5 out of 5 (brilliant)

The Good: Izzy's gang is currently my favourite Audio Series team of all. Although I wrote the bulk of the script for this quest, Rosey is entirely responsible for conceiving Izzy as a character – she always knew exactly what she was going to be like and how she wanted to play her.

The three male advisors complement Izzy perfectly. Clym Angus and Damon Wakes both sound wonderful as smooth-talking mid-teenaged boys (neither of them was actually teenaged while recording his part but the illusion is created perfectly) while the genuinely teenaged voice of Jordan Munn (which is cut from a different cloth than the other two but still extremely pleasing to the ear) provides the perfect auditory contrast to the other advisors.

The strong, easygoing, fun and flirty group dynamic achieved by the amalgamation of the four voices is quite extraordinary and almost entirely accidental – you could audition actors for weeks and never find a better one! In terms of vocal harmony, Izzy's team is just perfect in my opinion.

The content of Izzy's Level 1 is quite brilliant. The elf face-off is an inspired scene (envisioned and created entirely by Rosey) and is vividly brought to life by Gemma Dwarwood as Velda and Amy Davies as Elita. The scene with Lillith's hangover and the icepack comes across extremely well. The sound effects for the swamp sequence are superb.

The Bad: I wish I had checked the erroneous fact about elephants' knees before the final edit so that a few dialogue tweaks could have been made. (I got it from an episode of Count Duckula, which is clearly not infallible as an information source, as I had naïvely imagined.) Still, at least Daniel never believed it – he is the elephant expert, after all!

In an ideal world, the four lines of Merlin's first riddle would have been reversed so that Izzy could have burst out laughing at the word “nipples” as soon as Merlin said it.

Conclusion: In my opinion this is as darn near perfect as an Audio Series episode can really get.

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