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Post by avenueroad » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:10 pm

I am very happy now that if Team 2 was to win, they would have needed to find Hordriss. It's definite because he was the only sorcerer left. They had the SAVANT spell to summon him but as they did not earn that very name, they also needed to ask either Maldame or Bhal-Shebah in order to do so. If they were supposed to ask Maldame if she knew any mages, then the team had entered 'losing status' - they would have been forced to call her even though she forbade them. Otherwise it would have come from Bhal-Shebah. I originally didn't take the dragon guarding the quest object seriously because I thought that the team would not have stood a chance come what may, as it killed the first team. But now I am very happy that Daniel would have been able to defeat the dragon by convincing it to argue with itself in order to not only save themselves but also earn just one more piece of information - the name 'Hordriss'. Therefore, the need to call Maldame would have been averted. Then in the side chamber, somewhere quiet, they would have just needed to summon Hordriss by casting the SAVANT spell and then calling out that very name aloud before Lord Fear's cunning plan is put into use. If the mage's name was to come from Bhal-Shebah, I think it would have argued about the mage's magic not working so well close to Lord Fear and his normal hatred of technomancy, resulting in the team thinking if Hordriss would be able to get the team out of Marblehead and back to the antechamber.

I wonder what Tim Child think of this. Note that when I reviewed the Corridor Of Blades entrance, I take it that the team's last day's recording had just started. Have a look at the first advisor's skullcap when the team walk through the Marblehead corridors and the COB entrance. There is a significant difference! Therefore, I wonder if the production crew had to make a start on the would-be endgame i.e plot it. This is a very good hint for any of the crew who cannot remember all those years ago. ;D

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Re: Re:Series 8 Episode 4

Post by Pooka » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:01 pm

With you on most of this.

I'm pretty sure that the team would have had a final encounter with Bhal-Shebah and the way to distract him/them would have been to cause Bhal to argue with Shebah, either through verbal trickery or using some item or spell they were yet to obtain. There was a clue in an earlier spyglass sequence, although I'm not sure the team would have picked up on it. There may, of course, have been some sort of hint later on...

I'm not sure casting SAVANT would have been that complicated, though, considering the meaning of "savant" - I think it would have just summoned Hordriss outright in the final chamber, facilitating their exit (through the sewers á la Dunstan)!
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