Series 3 - Episode 3

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 3

Post by Pooka » Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:18 pm

HarveyTowers wrote:I had forgotten about the little 'chase sequences' where Grimwold or the goblins follow the dungeoneer. I enjoyed these they certainly up the pace of the quests.
I always thought the most irritating thing about the first three series was how slowly the quests are paced, especially when compared to something like series 7, where they are snappy and non-stop even without the Eye Shield!

The chase sequences certainly upped the ante in series 3, and were a step in the right direction IMHO.
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Re: Series 3 - Episode 3

Post by EvelynMason » Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:33 pm

Not sure if it would constitute a 'chase' but I always enjoyed whenever the Automatum would appear and follow the dungeoneer in the very earliest series. Believe he was written out after Series 2 with the introduction of a new batch of character ideas, but always provided some tangible suspense and a level of fearful menace.

Unfortunately still haven't got round to viewing the new Series on challenge as yet due to other commitments but they're usually available on Youtube. Sure years ago there used to be a repeat edition at a later time either the same day or later the same week but for now, finding it difficult to catch the two broadcasts on a Sunday morning. (Don't have a recording device either it should be mentioned) :(

Never mind we'll find a way round this one way or the other.

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 3

Post by Morghanna » Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:06 am

A seemingly harsh ending for team 2. :-/
They very calmly and efficiently evaded the pursuing goblins in the corridor of the catacombs and then thru the caverns (seen for the 1st time) before they encountered McGrew. Used their diversionary "DANCE" spell, but in their rush to escape they failed to notice him say that he would do anything to help them, if they released him....
In the next cavern there was no way thru the force-field into the mining tunnel and a haunting sword destroyed their life-force....
The ending seemed harsh as they had only moments to hear McGrew's pleas before they escaped. He was about to run Cliff thru before the spell was cast and they did not know whether he could be trusted if they did release him.
With the benefit of hindsight we know that McGrew was a dangerous character, but he was not evil, and if placated he could be very helpful. As in a later quest, he would have been able to fight off the haunting sword and then push the mine-cart thru the force-field to level 3.
:idea: Might this team have had an earlier let-off (which we did not see) which is why they received no prompting about dispelling from Treguard?

Team 3 were very hesitant with their directional movement, barely escaping the bomb room in time and nearly stepping over a cliff edge after a left/right mixup. 8-o
They were very bright however, 3/3 against Golgarach with no prompting at all. :)
Simon also seemed to have trouble hearing his advisors, especially when the ogre was roaring.
On the level 2 spindizzy when the bell sounded....
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