Series 1 Episode 3

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Re: Series 1 Episode 3

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everytime I do a post, I get asked to log-in, and lose all my work ? My fault for not using the save function, but should I even have to use it ? Posts should be going through regardless ? Getting a little flustered here.

Tried to say, Fun House was an OK watch at the time it was on, but just looks silly and outdated now. Bullseye is always fun, even if the Star Prize is always a speedboat or a caravan ? Can't they find something else to give away ?

Crystal Maze is back also, but on at 4-00 AM. Who's going to be up then to see it ? Moved from the much more sensible time of 6-00 PM, when they showed it in the winter. Richard O Brien was one of my favourite presenters.

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Re: Series 1 Episode 3

Post by Canadanne »

Tom41 wrote:Lillith gives the team 2 spells, and as this is the first time magic has been used in an episode, Treguard gives a lengthy explanation of the Spellcasting and Disspell prodedures.

We get to see a Catacombite for the first time (impressive, considering each frame was hand-drawn and scanned in). Although the team managed to use a FREEZER spell to stun it, it was still deadly and any contact had to be avoided at all costs.
HobGoblin wrote:I wonder if the catacombite was actually originally intended to be a level 3 encounter - it certainly has the necessary level of spectacle and nastiness. When it was clear from the first couple of teams that it was unlikely that level 3 would be reached, was an early appearance of this monster contrived in order to show it off?
The Catacombite does seem to have been a last-minute addition to Simon's quest, as it wasn't included on the original plan and Lillith was only going to give him one spell (FLARE for the dark wellway room). The FREEZER spell was going to be her gift to Danny, for use on Gumboil rather than a Catacombite.
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Re: Series 1 Episode 3

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A couple of firsts for team 3: the first team to survive level 1 and the first team to cast a spell.
Unusual that they had a task assigned to them by Lillith.
Nice ominous sound effect for the catacombite. >:-]
Great debut from Cedric, setting the tone for future appearances. ;D They didn't do very well with only 1/3. Cedric actually gave them the answer to the first one within his question. ::)
Also debut of Casper the key, not one of my favourite characters....
Then, the debut of dungeon legend Merlin. :) Did better this time with 2/3 answers.
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