Parody of Thank You Baked Potato by Matt Lucas

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Parody of Thank You Baked Potato by Matt Lucas

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Jamie (Series 2 Team 9) reflects on how his quest went awry. Based on the Baked Potato Song a.k.a. Thank You Baked Potato by George Dawes a.k.a. Matt Lucas. Video of original performance on Shooting Stars

Automatum wrecked my quest
Automatum got in the way
Never mind the choice between left and right
When mechanical men aren't kept at bay

Collect the bits, make a spell
Here comes Automatum
Now I can't, run like hell
Into losing status
And maybe if we'd quested for the Cup
The mechanical man would not have messed it up

Maid in webbing: liberate
No reward though sadly
Spider's here to seal my fate
Curse you, Ariadne
I didn't lose because I wasn't bright
It's because I can't move at near the speed of light


[Karen from Series Team 13 interrupts]


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