Knightmare Character Jobs

For all the comedians out there.
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Re:Knightmare Character Jobs

Post by MoanaLiza »

I forgot about this thread. There is also the day off thread and isn't there another similar thread? Anyway Ridolfo would be a busker and Motley and Melisandre would probably be Red coats.
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Re:Knightmare Character Jobs

Post by Mogdred »

I can imagine Treguard as a driving instructor

TOOO creepy. That's exactly what I thought! In fact I just posted a cartoon about it!
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Whilst bored at work...

Post by keeds »

Whilst bored at work today, I was looking through the shared documents in the departmental e-mail account and found an interesting game where by typing a name, that persons ideal job is generated. I tried some Knightmare names and got some interesting results...

Treguard-Emperor of the world (Not just the castle he rules...)

Lord Fear-Sewage worker (Surely this would be Lissard instead?)

Mogdred-Pole Dancer (Look upon Mogdred and ogle!)

Merlin- Teaching pensioners to drive (The one group with a worse memory than him!)

Hordriss- Computor nerd (and an excellent one at that!)

Sidriss- Chef (If her magic is anything to go by, I would avoid the fish!)

Brother Mace-Landlord (I kid you not! Prehaps Gumboil could work the cellar)

Granitas-Proffessional thief (After guarding all those clue objects from thieves as well!)

All of these are entirely genuine and appear as they appeared on the screen!
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Re:Whilst bored at work...

Post by Ironlord »

Where'd you get this from... and is it available anywhere?
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