Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 16

Knightmare inspired creations from the community.
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Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 16

Post by GranitasIsCute »

The sixteenth and final episode of the second series is now available to download and listen to at :)

It is also available on our YouTube channel at

Will Ollie and team succeed just as the dungeon closes its doors? Listen to find out! :D

The Knightmare Audio Series features the thrilling gameplay from the show lovingly re-created in audio form. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a try and let us know what you think! :)

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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 16

Post by Canadanne »

Some very entertaining contestants in this episode! What a lot of good stuff you managed to pack in before the end, I really enjoyed it. :) Thanks for bringing us another great series, everyone!
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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 16

Post by Eyeshield »

Thanks for all your fantastic comments about the series, Annie. ;D
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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 16

Post by TheOldenDays »

We've had a lot of fun making the series over the past 6 years, but what do I really think of it? Find out now in Jake's Throwback Reviews!

Episode: Series 2, Episode 16
Original Release Date: 20th February 2016
Throwback Review Date: 22nd April 2016
Score: 4 out of 5 (very good)

The Good: All three teams reach the right level of comedic incompetence to match their early deaths, and the voice performances have been appropriately geared to help create this effect. Canny listeners might well realise that all three deaths were envisioned at one point to coincide with the end of the series, but this creates rather a fun and farcical feel to the episode that I enjoy quite a lot.

The fatal mistake of Ollie's team with the blocker is well conceived and superbly put together. The events of Amber's Level 1 are original and fun. Andy's mini-quest is a right laugh. The three causes of death are varied and interesting; it's particularly good to hear Lillith finally get to kill someone on her last appearance.

The Bad: It's a shame that some of Matthew Narroway's lines didn't record very clearly. The Jaws music in the pool scene could have done with being cut down a bit and looped so it just included the really famous, tension-building part.

Conclusion: A somewhat farcical episode with a glut of amusing team members that ends the series on a fun note.
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