Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 14

Knightmare inspired creations from the community.
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Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 14

Post by GranitasIsCute »

The fourteenth episode of the second series is now available to download and listen to at :)

It ia also available on our YouTube channel at

Can Kim find Motley's laugh and make it to Level 2 and beyond? Listen to find out! :D

The Knightmare Audio Series features the thrilling gameplay from the show lovingly re-created in audio form. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a try and let us know what you think! :)

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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 14

Post by Canadanne »

*snerk* I think we all know what Marta would do to please Captain Nemanor!
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Re: Knightmare Audio Series: Series 2 Episode 14

Post by TheOldenDays »

We've had a lot of fun making the series over the past 6 years, but what do I really think of it? Find out now in Jake's Throwback Reviews!

Episode: Series 2, Episode 14
Original Release Date: 17th October 2015
Throwback Review Date: 20th April 2016
Score: 5 out of 5 (brilliant)

The Good: The episode fits together well and trundles along nicely. The team continues to sound excellent, especially Tom's smarmy comments and Kim's constant fear that one of the characters is about to kill her. I'm glad Sidriss and Motley got their happy ending, at least for now; it's very neat the way Hordriss is worked into the conclusion of the plot as well, whilst doing his card puzzle.

The (Not Really) Bad: I suppose Kim's Level 2 could have done with one more room really, just for a little additional challenge, but we weren't sure how close this quest was going to take us to the end of the series when it was written, and having a short Level 2 is the right way to hedge one's bets about these things!

Conclusion: It's impossible for me not to award this episode full marks – it's technically perfect, the voice work is all spot-on, and the plot with Motley, Hordriss and Sidriss is tied up very nicely.
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