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Fright Knight
Fright Knight
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Post by Fidjit »

Is there any place or anyone I can e-mail or visit to download the Commodore Atari 2000 version of Knightmare!  
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Re: Games

Post by Galgarach »

Here here!
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Re: Games

Post by Snowcat »

Commodore Atari 2000?? :o

You got about 3 computers there pal!!! :o

If its the Commodore AMIGA versions of the KM game I've a full version kicking around somewhere in the archive for WinUAE. I try to dig it out for U.

BE WARNED THO, This appears to be a dump from pirated disks and I got them from a now highly defunct Amiga User group site in America.

USE AT OWN RISK!!!! (and for yer ain sake check 'em with a good virus killer etc)


PS. I only have limited access to the net and don't wanna get sued by someone (Emulator and rom sites are dropping like flies out there). A few replies is fine as a favour but I aint gonna upload these things wholesale to all and sundry. try e-bay for originals.

I gave the 'head-highs' a copy of the roms but it didn't make the site because of the dodgy history (fair enough in my book :) ).

See yez later!
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Re: Games

Post by FrightKnight »

I recently played the demo of the game on an Amiga emulator (not as good as the real thing... ;)). I must say I really need instructions...2 minutes into the game I was confronted with goblins left right and centre. Despite my attempts to offer them a present, my party got beaten up and if there was a life force clock it wouldn't look favourable.

It isn't really what I was hoping for. I bet it doesn't even have a corridor of blades (now that WOULD have been something!).
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