12 Days of Christmas

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12 Days of Christmas

Post by KaM »

My goals across the last few months were to provide enough new material to celebrate a 12 days of Christmas on KM.com. Some new items would be small, others more substantial.

The full 12 looks like a tough proposition, but I would like to propose a meaningful way to celebrate New Year (and, aptly enough, the 12th year of the website!)

In 2010, we have Knightmare children, Knightmare across the web, and homes shared by people who met through Knightmare. How much one show could do!

I am hoping to gather a small collection of short testimonials/memorandums of what Knightmare meant to people, and how (if) it changed their lives. 150 words max (which makes it harder, not easier ;) ). This works best, of course, by having it revealed together on the day. So, if you would like to submit, please do not post here, but send passages in good time via PM or via email. We have 3 in the bank. 12 would be a great target. [Submissions are subject to editing or rejection]

Thanks for a great year of fellowship, and (if you celebrate it) a very merry Christmas!
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12 Months of Knightmare 2010

Post by Drassil »

KaM wrote:12 looks like a tough proposition
May I suggest the following?

12 episodes of the Knightmare-friendly Born In The 70s show;
11 minutes, excluding credits, of a new KM spoof video;
10 'Artists' and Contestants (including 'Spare') in the Knightmare pilot script;
9 KM fans in the Knightmare Audio Series;
8 KM fans in the Aegis Quest pilot;
7 KM series and books represented by the artwork in David Rowe's web galleries;
6 KM actors spotted in The Bill, via YouTube;
5 Tribes Going To War;
4 portals in the first Dungeon chamber of Dizzy's Knightmare quest;
3 guests drinking beer, eating pizza and watching Knightmare with Richard Bacon;
2 newly-uploaded episodes of Le Chevalier Du Labyrinthe;
And The 1 And Only Lord Fear - seen anew in the recovered KMVR pilot and his first fanvid.

For me, that more or less covers the 12 months of what has been an unexpectedly rich year for Knightmare fandom.
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