Team 2 Bhal-Shebah conclusion

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Team 2 Bhal-Shebah conclusion

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I think I am coming to the end of reaching a conclusion on what would have happened if the boys survived the Corridor of Blades. I have been meeting with someone on Google+ regarding Series 8 Episode 4. I have been thinking about the team's would-be endgame very hard for a very long time and I have now realised that the would-be argument between Bhal-Shebah would have been about a mage called Hordriss, his own magic and techno magic. Why?

LORD FEAR Look, he's not only Bhal-Shebah, but he's Bhal AND Shebah in one skin, and they don't even like each other. Some smart witty dungeoneer spots that he's only going to be about as much use as guard duty as a gerbil!

So what would you do if a gerbil was in the quest chamber and not anything or anyone else? Ignore it? I would have! That would have meant that it would have been enough to just take the sword and leave as if the dragon weren't even there! But the production team didn't want the team to just do that without having a word with the dragon first, otherwise the quest chamber scene would have lasted for just 30 seconds! They had to do something to make the duration of the quest chamber longer.

MALDAME I shall give you this gem, and I will give to you the calling spell SAVANT. It will call any mage or sorcerer to you, up to and including the fourth level of magic. But you must use the name of any wizard you call.

This meant two things. One, after casting the SAVANT spell, the dungeoneer would have had to call out aloud the name of any mage or sorcerer like 'Maldame' for example. The word 'mage' was a very big word to me. If a mage were to be summoned, who would it have been? Hordriss, of course! He was the only mage in the dungeon! He also referred to his reputation as a 'savant' in Series 7, just after Barry foiled a trap set by Lord Fear and prevented him from falling in love with Lissard, disguised as Marta. And two, the spell would not have automatically summoned her or anyone else; they had to 'know' the name first - hence the spell being called SAVANT - from the French verb 'savoir' - 'to know'. With only Maldame that they knew, they would have had to call her.

MALDAME Beware! Call me, and I shall shliver you for your temerity! Now, leave me!

A big problem for the team. The team were on 'Maldame' status i.e they were potentially forced to call her. With no appearances or mentionings of any other sorcerers, they would have been forced to do so UNLESS they earned the name of another sorcerer at short notice whilst inside the fortress. With the spyglass session already gone, if they were to receive a different name they would have got it from Bhal-Shebah; they would have had to talk to the dragon about a mage or sorcerer. I think it would have argued with itself about Hordriss and his capibilities of his own magic and his hatred of techno magic. They then would have no longer been on 'Maldame' status as they would not have been forced to call Maldame with the SAVANT spell after all, although they would have taken into account of Hordriss' own magic being powerless close to Lord Fear's domain and his general hatred of techno magic, which would have been mentioned during the dragon's own argument. I can see now why the production team didn't want the team to call her! If she allowed the team to call her, one, the dragon scene would have lasted too short, two, they wouldn't have thought carefully about Hordriss' limitations regarding magic, three, I think Maldame wanted to make sure she stayed away from Lord Fear, as he froze her during the Level 2 spyglass session and four, she wanted to move house from Marblehead to Linghorm; she demanded Lord Fear to give her the wordkey. He refused.

Would you like to have a go writing a scene on what it would have been like if the boys made it to the quest room? First things first, I would have greeted Bhal and Shebah separately so I would know which voice would have been Bhal's and which voice would have been Shebah's. I would use evidence from Series 6 when Treguard revealed that Hordriss' own magic does not work close to Lord Fear and from Series 8 when Hordriss led Dunstan to the sewer pipe through Marblehead's side chamber. He said that he normally hated techno-magic. It would have made the team think I think. Also note that Gideon would have laughed hysterically to Bhal-Shebah's arguing.

Also regarding Lord Fear's own cunning plan, which do you think would have happened? Lissard confronting the dungeoneer before the SAVANT spell is casted, Lissard hiding in a sewer to guide Daniel through an open door into an ambush with Lord Fear on the other side, using the voice of one of the advisors or nobody confronting the dungeoneer; the SAVANT spell would be casted then 'Hordriss' would be called out aloud and then he would take them out through a wall into a hidden tunnel with Lissard arrivng too little too late? Note that the production team did not write endgames until the last minute; Dunstan's Lord Fear showdown was not written until he got to the quest room! They didn't have a lot of time to make endgames too complicated as a result. Also note that Lord Fear gave Lissard the wordkey into Marblehead although he might possibly have got involved in confronting Daniel along with Lissard, as he was able to teleport.

Note that I have been looking at several scenes of Knightmare evidence and some outside of Knightmare like Doctor Who for example when the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) caused the Rani's huge brain to have an argument; the Rani was forced to disconnect the Doctor as a result). I originally thought that the team wouldn't have stood a chance with the dragon because it killed the first team directly.
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