Series 7 Epi 11

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Re:Series 7 Epi 11

Post by knightmaredave »

Julies team were class!!!!! Loved the bit when sly was drunk they were sooo calm as well even in level 3
they deffo deserved the win they got! they played their csards very right too
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Re:Series 7 Epi 11

Post by Velda »

Just been watching this and I think that conversation between Lord Fear and Sly is one of the best...and the expression on Sly's face when Lord F is telling him off is funny too ;D
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Re: Series 7 Epi 11

Post by Canadanne »

Silly Treguard, calling the Insight powder a "potion" at the beginning.
Billy wrote:and this exchange from Rothberry and Julie:
"Remember my name, Rothberry the..."
Yes, I love the way he teasingly makes her say "apothecary" as she couldn't pronounce it earlier! ("Not many people can say that...")

There's something slightly creepy about Grimaldine's blatant flirting with Julie.
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Re: Series 7 Epi 11

Post by Morghanna »

Team 6 completed their trade with Rothberry, then used the "insight" to dodge past a troll.
Interrupted Romahna and Raptor in skirmish. Wisely used the catnip which temporarily turned Julie into a cat, scaring away Raptor. Romahna told Smirky to take Julie to level 2. Dragon flight was very slow again.

Used a spyglass to discover that LF has set a trap for Hordriss. Given the hurry-up by a troll on the way to the exit.
Obscure clue-area in the dwarf-tunnel. They chose Heggatty's booze(!) and the green gem. :exclaim: I hope she fares better than the last dungeoneer called Julie who had the green jewel....
:question: How was that enormous troll pursuing them thru tiny dwarf-tunnels? ::)
Intercepted by "that thing of lord Fear's". ;D Managed the brollachan's questions fairly well. Great expression on advisor Sam's face when it stated: "You are not my enemy. Yet!" :D
Encountered Grimaldine who exchanged the gem for the trap combo.
In the next room, loved the way Sly Hands jumped out on from his camouflaged hiding place- really startled the advisors. :D They gave him the booze to distract him.
Entered the trial by spikes. Made rapid progress, but several times Julie nearly drifted onto the next row forward as she side-stepped. 8-o
Into Hordriss' magic class. They were very quick to identify the object as LF's trap and warn Hordriss. Great reactions. :)
He provided a descender to level 3 in gratitude. Yay! :)
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D
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