Series 5 - Episode 7

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Re: Series 6 episode 7

Post by Malefact »

Well, the horn was the incorrect object for team two. Perhaps that is enough reason for it being the correct object this time. Perhaps not. :)

Actually, I think series 5 is a difficult series.

Series    Teams    Level 1 Death    Made Level 3

   2          13                3                   3
   3          12                3                   3
   5           9                 2                   2

Weighting the values from series 5 (inventing three extra teams and deciding on their progress by looking at the data) results in the same performance as series 2 and 3 - and series 3 is commonly held to be the most difficult of the lot.
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Re: Series 6 episode 7

Post by Arcengal »

The 3 minute long eye-shield sequences don't help either.  ::)
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Re: Series 6 episode 7

Post by Velda »

I like this team and I like this episode.  :) For one, they didn't take ages deciding what to say or do, like the previous team did.
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Re: Series 6 episode 7

Post by SrWilson3S »

Series 6 episode 7 - Alan meets an unfortunate end on the causeway after what was an excellent and promising quest.... oh one minute, I forgot someone went one season ahead and this actually refers to Series 5 episode 7. D'OH!
LOL save that speech for next yr when perhaps s6 is shown, mind you I got to laugh at that episode treguard and pickle hype them up lolol and then less than 20 seconds into game on...........BONG too slow ;D :'(
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Re:Series 5 - Episode 7

Post by Tom41 »

Thought I'd bump this thread for tonight's episode.

Resumed from time-out with Motley in the stocks. Learned from Motley that the only one who can free him is Elita - and that Elita likes green stones. Also used the spy-glass to spy on Lord Fear, and learned that someone was after the dungeoneer!

Through an eye-shield sequence and encountered Julius Scaramonger. Got some food from him, then started bartering. They said they wanted a green stone, but Julius tried to sell them a Firestone (red stone) instead! They were persistant however, and eventually exchanged the silver for a green stone.

In a castle courtyard, they found Elita standing by a rope that was going up to the ceiling. Was even ruder than usual! Elita just wanted to take the green stone and not give any help, but they eventually persuaded her to release Motley in return for the green stone. She also gave them the causeway combination - red, blue, green, grey - before cartwheeling off the screen!

Next room was a causeway. Each hexagon had a picture of a FrightKnight on it, but each was a different colour. They had to use the colour combination they just got from Elita. A little slow, but navigated the causeway well. This team realized that they only needed to follow the combination on the Frightknight hexagons, not the three at the end - they just made the dungeoneer run for the exit.

Into another castle courtyard, where Motley ran into the room. Motley gave them the password in return for rescuing him - BLUDGEON. Goblin horns sounded in the eye-shield sequence as they went up the stairs. Found food in the next area and encountered a blocker. Gave it the password and it went away, giving them access to the next room.

Found Hordriss at the entrance to the Descender. Hordriss asked if they had any useful Level 1 objects which they should abandon here. They didn't, so Hordriss allowed them access to the Descender. They should shout 'Down' to start it, and 'Stop' to stop it after 4 levels have passed. They did so, and arrived in front of two doors - one of which had a FrightKnight symbol above it. They decided to take the one with the FrightKnight!

Through an eye-shield sequence into the Level 2 clue room. The scroll said 'Rock breaks Scissors' which they assumed was some kind of clue. They took the book and the gold - and had to hurry out of the room since a skull appeared!

In a large room next, Sylvester Hands rushed in and started harassing the dungeoneer. Suddenly a voice shouted from off-screen, and it timed out right there! Yet another Smirkenoff flight sequence under the credits.
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Re:Series 5 - Episode 7

Post by HarveyTowers »

I've only just realise that the blocker seems to have a nervous twitch!
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Re:Series 5 - Episode 7

Post by Billy »

An easy way to tell S5 episodes from S4 episodes in the first 15 seconds- In S4, there's a thunderclap sound when the lightning strikes behind Knightmare Castle. In S5, there's no thunderclap sound. That's something I've noticed for a while now, yet keep forgetting to say it!

The opening of this episode resembled the opening of Series 7, with a sidekick rushing into the room complaining about the alarm and someone else saying it's only the watchers. Still, that's not until a few weeks away, so back to this ep. Started off with freeing Motley from the S4 favourite, the stocks, after some help by Elita. The room in which she was in contained a Indian rope trick in progress, for no seemingly apparent reason. The team almost went up it (now that would have been interesting) but went through the usual door after Treguard tipped them off about it. Later on came the blocker room- geez, they panicked like MAD here, especially Jonathan!

Level 2 came about via the ever decending Decender- they took the FrightKnight door, for some reason, but this didn't put them in any danger. They panicked further when a skull appeared in the clue room, with Jonathan now having to silence himself! Timed Out after a unusually high pitched Sly Hands appeared, and a voice crying out from the distance-I have a feeling it's Gwendoline. A neat looking ECS (end credit sequence) with Smirky at the end!
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Re: Series 5 - Episode 7

Post by Canadanne »

Even Pickle and Motley don't know the difference between a pillory and stocks, heh.

This is the second time in Series 5 where I get the impression Paul Valentine wasn't fully briefed before one of his scenes. In episode 5 when Sly sells a key to Sarah, they ask him what the key is for and he quite obviously has to make something up, answering "The portal - you can't get anywhere without this key" when it's actually for opening Merlin's chest! Then in this episode, Motley freaks out at the end of the spyglass scene as if Lord Fear's doing his red eyes routine ("That was a close one!"), clearly not having been told that the scene would end with a harmless communications blackout instead. D'oh!

I'm rather impressed by Elita's one-handed cartwheel! And the advisor's suggestion for Ben to try climbing up the rope is hilarious. ;D To be fair though, I can't blame them for assuming it was there for a reason...

I wonder who it is that mutters "Shut up" under his breath when the overly excitable advisor is screaming about the Blocker? I think it's Treguard but I'm not sure! It's so funny when he gets shushed again in the clue room and puts a hand over his mouth, LOL. And the Eyeshield sequence kicks in while Ben's still facing the wrong way, before Pickle can even finish telling them where the exit is. *g*
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Re: Series 5 - Episode 7

Post by shadow6162 »

Haha this was a memorable episode. I'm pretty sure it was Treguard that said 'shut up', seriously that advisors overreacted too much lolz ;D
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Re: Series 5 - Episode 7

Post by Morghanna »

Team 4 made good progress.
Agreed to find a green gem so that Elita would release Motley from the stocks.
Encountered Scaramonger, who surprisingly enough just happened to have one, but at least he didn't try to cheat them. Liked his comment about the grub: "Well that's a funny place to put it, i'm sure." :D

Received some good abuse from Elita, but finally got her help in exchange for the green gem.
Can't believe one advisor seriously suggested Ben should climb up the rope. ;D ;D
(If you can't see where to go, just hold up the eye-shield!)
For a team who are generally competent, they were surprisingly slow across the causeway.

:question: Did one of the advisors mutter something slightly rude when the blocker moved towards Ben? It sounded like it. 8-o
Nice scene with Hordriss, altho Ben seemed underwhelmed by his sense of humour.

Chose the right-hand exit from the descender, even tho it had a fright knight symbol. :question: Are teams supposed to follow these or avoid them? I assumed they were to be avoided, if possible.

They had some confusion with the scroll, thinking that it was related to the clue objects. Chose the book and the horn, not the gold. :-/ We know how that went for team 2....
Just about to be mugged by Sly Hands when time-out arrived.

The eye-shield sequences were getting shamelessly long. :(
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