Series 3 - Episode 9

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 9

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Treguard opened with a predictable quip about team 7 being Kelly's heroes, but their quest was more like a comedy than a war film. :(
In the die-room her lead advisor told her to exit thru the door in front of her! ::) They then ignored the shield symbol over the centre door and moved her out thru the unmarked right-hand exit! :-/
Possibly as a consequence of this the next room was a bomb room. She was fairly near the exit anyway, but they got her out calmly. Collected food in Kaa's chamber easily enough and then negotiated the beam-room with the broken floor very competently.
It looked like they had recovered after a nervous start, but then in the clue room they created more problems for themselves. Golgarach asked them two "trick" questions which they handled well, but then he totally fooled them with a double-bluff question and they gave an answer which was so ridiculous even Golgarach laughed. ;D 2/3 answers earned them only partial information, so they had to guess between the crayon and the gold.
In the corridor of the catacombs, with goblins approaching, they got into a panic and after much confusion chose the left-hand exit. Took a long time to negotiate the vale, then encountered Lady Velda. She was in a less stroppy mood than usual and gifted them a "TRANSFORM" spell and told them which exit to take. Lead advisor then tried to move Kelly towards the other exit before her team-mates corrected her! ::)
In the next room, used their spell to turn Kelly into an armoured knight, so she could scare away Mrs. Grimwold and break thru the barred exit.
Reached the well-room but needed the crayon (which they had rejected) to create a well. Enter Grimwold the ogre, with no escape for Kelly. Ooooh naaasty! 8-o

Team 8 got off to a bad start. They totally misjudged a dash past the scorpion and got stung, sustaining life-force damage. 8-o
Entered a dwarf tunnel just before time-out arrived.
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D
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