Series 2 - Episode 11

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Re: Series 2, Team 9

Post by Elita »

if Knightmare does come back,(positive thoughts!!) then get aa back in and get her to eat gretel a one off cameo appearance!!!
Seconded! I'd love to see Gretel getting messily devoured. Alternatively, Mildread could cook her. (after telling her that the cauldron's really a jacuzzi)

I'd both love and hate to see Ariadne back in Knightmare. I really liked her as an enemy, since she chowed down on a few Dungeoneers and was pretty damn intimidating. But I'm also arachnophobic, so she scared the hell out of me too.
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Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by Illusion »

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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by Tom41 »

Bit easy in the Beam Room - all they had to do was walk straight forward in the direction the dungeoneer was facing! Other teams have had the dungeoneer slightly misaligned in this room and had to keep stopping, rotating and/or sidestepping the dungeoneer =P

Bees were used on the troll this time, by opening the jar of Humbugs!

I liked how Mildread appeared to be sleeping, but could be seen opening one eye in the close-up! I also thought they'd lost after Mildread didn't accept the Small Change, but they conjured up a well by throwing the Small Change purse into the cauldron!
Notice how the smoke coming from cauldron stopped before he threw the purse into the cauldron. Probably so that smoke wouldn't still be coming out of the wellway when it appeared!

The answer to the first riddle was 'Hippogriff'... so, it wasn't an original J. K. Rowling idea! Riddles seemed fairly easy this time.
I liked how Cedric tried to fight off the monster in the green Corridor of Catacombs! Look closely and you'll see Cedric is right up against the back of the blue room when attacking with his staff!

Didn't get much time to retrieve the Medal spell before the Automatum came in!

A ghost was above the clue table, who told them to 'free' it by turning over the talisman. After using that, it was pretty obvious which items to take, plus the ghost told them to beware the talisman! Also gained a bonus spell, FREE, which actually appeared as a word on the screen! (was it like this in the original CITV broadcast?)

Mistake in this room too... As the dungeoneer approached the table, the satellite feed switched over to some other channel, where a phone-in game was taking place. Oddly, the Challenge logo remained! Soon switched back to Knightmare though. Anyone else saw this?

Looks like they're sticking with the silent 6-8 logo for the ad breaks :(

In Ariadne's lair (not 'layer'!), they used the FREE spell to free the maid. Notice how the spellcaster started to cast it again when they thought it hadn't worked.
The maid told them to use the MEDAL spell, but of course they never got a chance to collect the MEDAL spell! So died there. And we finally got to see Ariadne walk off the other side of the screen.

I think they were in losing status from the point where they missed getting the MEDAL spell. I wonder though, could they have used that FREE spell for themselves and carried on? If so, they'd probably have come into a place where they couldn't get out without the maid's help, or the MEDAL spell.

Next team gained a spell from Gretel in the first room, FOUL. Did they take the correct door in the first room? To me, first left and first right indicated the two doors right in front of the dungeoneer (one of which was Fire Exit). They wanted to take the Fire Exit, but Treguard commented "Where's the fire?".
Now I know where the fire was - in the next room, the Cave of Fire! They got burned by the flames and took life force damage, but managed to get food in the next room (clue room).

The camera on Olgarth seemed to be a bit out of position, too high. Got 3/3, then timed out! Got to see a 'pure' version of the Mills of Doom over the credits, without the Y-panels in the centre of the cogs.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by FrightKnight »

A very harsh death, there seemed very little time to collect a medal spell, with the automatum being that fast. Oh, and they do the bold thing and free a maid, but get killed for it. Tch.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by HarveyTowers »

There was no "well animation" this ep (hope you know what I mean) the dungeon was just seen stepping in and landing at the bottom.

I thought that it was the dungeoneer that repeated the spell, I could be wrong though.

I didn't think that this was a fair death, the dungeoneer didn't get a chance to retrieve the medal. If they hadn't used the free spell on Gretal - they could have made it through but their quest would have been incomplete.

New team - good to have a dungeoneer that knew the answers to the riddles.

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Was this the first "moving" scene behind the titles? (usually the animation is stopped before the credits roll)
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by Billy »

Great ad-lib from Audrey Jenkinson-
"Do you think I'm pretty?"
"I can't see you"
"Oh, but Julian, you should be able to tell from my voice that I'm terribly pretty, so DO YOU THINK I'M PRETTY!? (stamps foot)"
I noticed the sudden flash of the quiz programme just before the ad-break too- it was a bit of Quiz TV, which takes up part of TV Travel Shop's time during these hours.
Bizarre death- Treguard hinted that they shouldn't use the FREE spell on Gretel (yes, the 'Gift Spell: FREE' also appeared on the original broadcast), but they did it anyway. And they certainly didn't have enough time to grab the 3 medal pieces- could this have been the forced death due to a team member getting homesick?
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by Porsmond »

Mistake in this room too... As the dungeoneer approached the table, the satellite feed switched over to some other channel, where a phone-in game was taking place. Oddly, the Challenge logo remained! Soon switched back to Knightmare though. Anyone else saw this?
Well It sounds like it happened everywhere then as it happened to me too, looked like a technicly fault on the channel???Did this happen on Sky Digital As well, I watched it on NTL Digital, Just Curious????

Anyway back to the episode, What an very unfair death. No way did they have time to pick up all the Medal Pieces, as soon as got the first piece, The Automatum stormed in and was immedinatly next to the second piece of the Medal so it was impossible to get the other pieces. Why was this, I dont think they gave the team a fair chance here?????Did they want to kill them off?????
Anway saying this, they didnt techniclly need to use their free spell, as Treguard said You could save the spell for themselves, However maybe they thought Free The Lady and She would help them escape, However it can be risky sometimes and this proved it.

I did laugh at the Advisor spellcasting the Spell Twice, made me chuckle a little.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by combuta »

I thought it sounded like a different person casting the spell the second time, and that maybe they were confused and trying to follow the "save it for yourselves" hint by trying to see whether it would work on the maid and then again on the dungeoneer.

The team seemed quite good until that death - maybe because they knew riddle answers that I didn't :-)

Saw that strange channel flick thing on NTL (cable) digital.
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by TheBrollachan »

Ah well it's a good thing that I record the overnight version - well it better have recorded this time. I'll scream if I get another half hour of NTL error message. (I had the NTL box replaced yesterday)
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by WhiteDevil »

I got "There is a technical fault with this channel, Please try again later" - but maybe it was something to do with the heavy rain and wind outside ;D

For all this technology, can nobody create something to make a Sky Digibox work while its raining? >:(

[Recorded the 5:30 episode, I love Timer Record!]
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by Purgatory »

Sky digibox does work while raining... but isn't to sharp in a storm... mine also had that game show clip of a moments.. but the rain doesn't effect a sky digibox.. well it's never since I've had one.

Maybe the team died before.. but had to carry on due to the next team not being ready? plus i think they made a mistake so making them dies was the only answer..
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 11

Post by dontyoulikemypie »

I do recall thinking how unfair this death was. They did the right thing and rescued Gretel and what thanks do they get? She scarpers without rewarding them! (This annoys me as much as the Mellisandre incident in series 4 where the team chose to go with her rather than Gundrada, they choose clue objects then in the next room, Mel demands the rope with nothing to give in exchange! If she needed the rope, why didn't she take it herself and let the dungeoneer pick an alternate item!) Anyway, I REALLY hate maids, and that includes Elf Maids too!
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Series 2 unfair death

Post by natnut »

The team death in series two where they didnt collect all of the medal for the MEDAL spell was kinda unfair! They couldnt collect the piece because the Automaton chased them and barely gave them chance! I have seen slower teams than them do ok but it was dismissed that they were too slow! I just thought that they would have collected the pieces otherwise!
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Re:Series 2 unfair death

Post by HStorm »

Well maybe, but there are a couple of things to consider.

Firstly, there's no doubt that they did dawdle a bit over collecting the first piece of the spell.

Secondly, although Treguard warned them to hurry out, they could have carried on trying to pick up the remaining pieces if they wanted. Ultimately, the choice is always with the team.

Thirdly, they were given an alternative spell later on, and they chose to use it to save Gretel instead; no one forced them to. I've always thought that if they'd got the dungeoneer to stand really close to Gretel before casting, they could have saved her and given him a chance to get through the exit. (Although they'd have had to be quicker than they were when trying to collect the MEDAL spell.)

One of the more noble deaths in the series history though.
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Re:Series 2 unfair death


Ironically if these deaths were "real" they'd be respected...
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