Re:Series 1 Episode 1

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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Crispin »

What was wrong with Olgarth in his debut? He seemed to be having problems breathing.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by TheBrollachan »

Anyone notice how the credits and it music was longer in this episode than in any of the following episodes.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Wolfshead »

Yes that's very true.

I really think that the pace of the first series in general was way to slow, it took forever to get out of the first room.

Also has anyone noticed that sidestepping never occured to any series 1 team.

Still I think that series 1 was very good, I'm not knocking it I just wished that it could have moved a bit faster.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Fidjit »

Didn't that lad step off the floor during a magic mirror view?
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Malefact »

Pendragon wrote: Yes that's very true.

I really think that the pace of the first series in general was way to slow, it took forever to get out of the first room.

Also has anyone noticed that sidestepping never occured to any series 1 team.

Still I think that series 1 was very good, I'm not knocking it I just wished that it could have moved a bit faster.
Actually, there was side-stepping in series 1, but it was team 4 who pioneered it.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Kieran »

It is interesting to watch how Series 1 developed, as previously stated it was very much an experiment in its early stages, and very few 'new' things were discovered after the first 2 quests, with the exception of the famous side-stepping.

I always enjoy watching it, even if the introductions are all the same recording!
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Akerbie »

You know, before this Series actually aired for the first time, I had saw adverts for this show which did not impress me as it looked dark and boring and was not my cuppa tea at all. .

The day the first episode aired I was watching CITV programmes anyway while eating dinner and then Knightmare came on and I sat through the whole episode.

I WAS HOOKED! I was dying to see what happened the next week. This was new to me and instantly became my fave TV programme ever!

When the first team died in the dark room [presumably there was a wellway hidden in the darkness], I actually thought the dugeoneer had died for real, and I was in a state of disbelief for a brief moment until I saw that he was alive and well with scroll in hand, joined by his team on their way home!

I can't remember the last time I saw telvision that did this to me!
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Velda »

Well, here's the script for this episode: I might've got mixed up between Lucien and David H, sometimes their voices were quite similiar, but I've tried to be as accurate with what's been said as possible. The second team seem to speak at the same time, so for them I've mostly just given a general idea of what they tell the dungeoneer.

I'm going to set up a site to store the scripts on (using Geocities)...I'll try and update it as regularly as possible :) Anyway - to the script:


(Close up of fire burning in grate, then Treguard, the Dungeon Master, is shown standing by it)

Treguard: Welcome, watchers of illusion, to the castle of confusion. Phase with us now, for this is the time of adventure. I, Treguard, issue the challenge. (Indicates door to antechamber) Beyond that portal lies the dungeon of deceit, which I alone have mastered – but those of you that cross the boundaries of time must master it also. The first is now without, so…enter, stranger.

(A boy appears in the door)

Treguard: Who challenges my dungeon?

Boy:   David Campbell.

Treguard:   You must have some small previous experience of dungeoneering, I hope?

David:   Yes I have.

Treguard: Very well. And what reward do you seek here?

David:    I seek knighthood.

Treguard: That will not be possible, only the first step to knighthood can be taken here. The squiredom is the reward for surviving the dungeon, for silver precedes gold and the silver spurs of a squire will be yours – if you survive. Now you know you may have three advisors to aid you on your quest…call them to us please.

David:    David, James, Lucien – come!

(Advisors appear on seats)

Treguard:   There! Now I can’t say I’m overimpressed, but then appearances as we know are often deceptive. Who guides this dungeoneer?

1st advisor: I’m David Hemp from Cranfield in Bedfordshire.

2nd advisor: James Hoggett from Wetton in Bedfordshire.

3rd advisor:Lucien Lawrence from Cranfield, Bedfordshire.

Treguard:   Well I’m sure you’ll do, and if you don’t, someone will find the results amusing. Now to matters of the most serious. (Walks behind team and brings helmet and knapsack over to David) David, your quest through the dungeon is for truth and justice. Justice of course is blind and when you don this helmet you also become blind, although you’ll find there’s just enough vision to examine and collect objects from directly beneath. The others remain here, where with magic they can be your eyes – their voices will reach you through the helmet. Now, the dungeon ahead is a dangerous place so to sustain your progress, a sprite of energy will travel with you. (Image of life-force helmet appears, showing pieces breaking off) This is its manifestation. It is your own life-force and must be fed with food which you will find occasionally on your quest. This is condition green. (Shows healthy status, which then changes to amber) On condition red, you are in grave peril for this is no game for a player with numerous lives – when this one is done, your adventure is over. (Gives knapsack to David, who puts it over his shoulder) To feed your life-force you will need to place any food in this knapsack, but place only food there as any other objects will also be consumed. You will of course find other objects on your quest but choose them and use them with care and remember, you may carry only two at a time. Now I’m constrained to offer you certain final warnings, so listen to my words very carefully. On your quest, I will be with you and yet not with you, for there are places in the dungeon where even I may not safely go. The way to truth is tortuous, there is no correct route through the dungeon but the correct path can be found using logic and guile. The only way is onward, there is no turning back. Well David, do you still wish to enter the quest?

David:   Yes, I do.

Treguard:   Very well! (Hands helm to David) Turn then, face the door (David puts the helm on) and take a step forward.


(Room with 4 doors)

David: Where am I?

David H: You’re in a reasonably large room. Ahead of you on the wall there are two doors with portcullises in them. To your right and left diagonally, there are also two portcullises – two exits and portcullises underneath them. (Gold letters appear on floor) On the floor there are four letters – these are N, P, O and E. The nearest one to you is E. Ah…they spell OPEN.

Treguard:   You’re wasting energy team – a small chance of success if you allow this simple puzzle to ?? you.

(Team discuss puzzle)

Treguard: Well take the right steps for further progress.

Lucien: Right, turn right slowly and…turn left a bit. Forward until I say stop – right stop!

Treguard:    Remember, that which does not read right must be spelt correctly.

Lucien: Turn left slightly and say “open”.

David: Open.

(Nothing happens)

(Team discuss puzzle again)

Lucien: Erm…can you turn left slightly…and walk across the letter if you can see it. Walk straight forward. Turn right slightly and walk straight forward, two paces. Stop.

Treguard:   Remember…spelt correctly.

Lucien: Oh yeah, right turn round…completely. And a bit more. Right walk forward ‘til I say stop. Stop. Turn right. Walk forward a bit. Stop. (David stops too far forward of the O) Turn right again. Right, now walk forward one small pace. Right again. Walk forward another small pace. (O disappears when David steps on it and appears at the top of the screen) Right, turn…walk forward three spaces. Right, now turn right, and walk forward a few spaces until I say stop. Right stop – turn right. Walk forward.

Treguard: Hurry team, life force energy is fading.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Velda »

Lucien: Forward. (P disappears) Right, stop! Turn right. Walk forwards. (E disappears) Right stop. Turn right. Forwards. Stop.

(N disappears and door under E opens)

Lucien: Right, go left slightly. Forward, stop – stop! Turn right. Walk forward.


(Level 1 Clue Room)

David: Where am I?

David H:   You’re in a smallish room with a door in the wall in front of you and a door in the wall to your right. There is a table in the middle of the room.

Lucien: Right David, walk forward until I say stop. Stop. Turn right…(David’s trainers squeak at this point!) and take a step forward.

(Clue objects: pie, red gem, symbol and oil lamp)

David: I can see the objects on the table (red gem shines)

Lucien: Alright, take the meat pie.

David: Alright.

Lucien: Now there’s also a ruby on the table, can you see that?

David: Yes, I can see that.

Lucien: Alright, well try taking that.

(Treguard’s face appears at top right of screen)

Treguard:   You have delayed too long in this chamber, a manifestation is now occurring, stand quite still dungeoneer.

Team: Stand still.

(Cue strange “tune” playing and a face appears on the wall)

Treguard:    You’re relatively fortunate, this is a wall monster, category level 1. Such minor malignance feed on life force but usually allow their victims to survive. Because they’re not very bright, they delight in stupidity…in this case, your stupidity. You must defeat him with wit, and when he speaks, you must answer.

Monster: I am Olgarth, of legend. I have riddles, of different kinds, of different legends. Three riddles have I, and truth is what I seek. One truth will pass you on. Two may aid you. Three commands me. Fail all three, and I feed ON YOU!

Treguard: Listen team, with one solution you may proceed. With two, you gain some knowledge which may be of help. With all three, this dismal creature will gift you that magic which he does possess. Fail three times and all will be lost.

Olgarth:   Here is my first. (Olgarth “sucks” his mouth in, he continues to do this throughout the whole encounter – maybe the guy voicing him had breathing difficulties caused by the mask?) On Earth I was born. Deep fires tempered me, mountains slept on me, my father was younger than I and the sculptor gave me my face. What am I made of?

David H: David, I think we have the answer to the riddle.

David: Right, what is it?

David H: Could you try saying “stone” please.

David: Stone.

Olgarth: Truth accepted! Here is my second. Made like me the mountain stands, the tallest object in our land. Give name to him.

(Team discuss riddle for a while)

Olgarth: One riddle, one answer – name it now!

Lucien: Alright David, try stone again then.

David: Stone.

Olgarth: FALSEHOOD! (David H sighs in frustration) Ben Nevis was the truth I sought. Here is my third. Once by magic I was cleft. In my chest a sword was left. Ten years of pain I then endured. Then came a prince who pulled it forth. Name him now and gain reward.

James: David, try Arthur.

David: King Arthur.

Olgarth: Truth accepted. Two is the score. You may know more. Justice lies on the right but he who seeks it must be fleet of foot. I hunger yet we may meet again. (Weird noise again as Olgarth fades from the wall)

Lucien: Alright then David, you’ll have to leave the objects now. Turn left.

Treguard:   You must take some objects.

Lucien: Alright David, take the ruby.

David: And will I take the candle holder, or will I take the charm?

Lucien: Try taking the charm – don’t put it in your knapsack (meaning the ruby). Take the charm as well.

David: Right.

Lucien: Alright, now turn left. Walk forwards.

James: Stop!

Lucien: Stop! Turn right. Left…left slightly, left slightly. Walk forward.

Treguard: Hurry team, or something much nastier than a wall monster will be upon you!

(David passes through the door)
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Velda »


(Bomb room)

David: Where am I?

Lucien: David, you’re in a smallish room. There are two exits – you just came through one. (Bomb lights) There’s another one to your left.

James: There’s a bomb lighted David, ok?

Lucien: Alright – step forwards one step. Turn left. Walk forward. Another one.

James: Another one, quickly.

Treguard:   Quick quick quickly, bomb explosion imminent…

(David makes it through the door in the nick of time)


(Only to enter yet another bomb room! This one is bigger and has two other doors)

Lucien: Walk forward continually, keep walking. Left a bit. Right stop, right a bit. Right! Walk forward.


(Lillith’s chamber – she is on the ledge on the other side of a chasm)

David: Where am I?

David H:   David, you’re in a rocky cavern. You’re standing on the edge of a chasm (he pronounces this as “cha-sem”!) right, so don’t move. A chasm, sorry. Now, at the top of the cavern there is a serpent’s head and across the chasm is a woman.

(Treguard appears in box at bottom of the screen)

Treguard:   Warning, Team. She commands here. She will not tolerate my presence. Even as I speak, she rejects me. She rejects me!

(Lillith has been swishing her cloak around during this, and sends Treguard’s image through the serpent’s mouth.

Lillith: Be gone! No master but a mistress rules here. I am called Lillith and this is my domain. And the only way on is through the serpent's mouth. (Laughs) What is more, I do not particularly care for visitors. You certainly cannot stay. So you must leave. And when you do so, kindly use the alternative exit. Just a few steps forward please. Come on. Hurry!

David H:   Don’t. Do not, right? Don’t move.

David: OK.

Lillith: Silence! Chitter chatter chitter. Beware spies, I can not only hear you, I can see you too. Pay attention boy, and listen to me. Now, after some small consideration, I might just spare you and allow you to leave through the serpent’s mouth – have you anything that might interest me?

James: Offer her the ruby.

David: I’ve got the ruby.

Lillith: A ruby! Oh, bring it to me – hurry, hurry!

David H: Don’t move.

Lillith: Wait, wait! First, I must summon the causeway. If only I can remember how to do it…ah yes! Rock to rock and stone to stone, span the pit and cross the zone! (Path forms from the serpent’s mouth)
Now bring it to me boy!

Lucien: Right David, walk forward a few spaces.

James: Keep going.

Lillith: Quickly boy! (David hands the ruby to her) Ah, thank you! Farewell!

Lucien: Right, turn right. Forward. Turn left. Quick, turn left. Right a bit. Forward.


(Great Corridor of the Catacomb – Treguard’s face is on the wall ahead)

David: Where am I?

Treguard:   Warning team, no sooner than I take my eyes off you than you blunder into the Great Corridor of the Catacomb. This is patrolled by the army of the dead. Exit with haste, or your quest ends now.

Lucien: Right David, you heard him did you?

David: Yeah.

David H: Alright, take three steps forward. Right, there’s a symbol next to the door on your left which is the same as the charm in your hand. Right, turn left…and step forward three spaces. Right stop, stop. Turn right, forward three. Right stop. Now enter the door. Turn left.


(Very dark room, there is a strange clicking noise coming from somewhere in the darkness)

David: Where am I?

David H: David, you’re in a dark room. You’ve just come in an entrance and I can’t tell you anything else at the moment.

(Team discuss what they could do)

Lucien: David, start walking forwards just a bit.

James: Just keep going until we say stop. Stop.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Velda »

Treguard:    Warning, team. You should have taken the magic lamp when you had the chance. It would have been enough to have remembered the symbol. Now I can do nothing for you, even if I wished. This darkness is caused by something that doesn't like intruders. Even now it's making its dislike felt. Look at your life force clock, condition red.

(Really spooky music starts playing and life force clock is shown to be nothing but
a skull)

David H: David, hold the charm up.

(David does this – life force clock fills screen and the skull disintegrates)

Treguard:    Oh dear, what a pity. Never mind. David it seems has come to a decidedly sticky end. And so I’m afraid team, has your particular adventure. By the way, if you're worried about David and what you're going to say to his parents, you needn't be. Just look in your magic mirror and you'll see that David, although he perished in the dungeon, has survived in the reality you call 'your time'. Time now for you to join him. Spellcasting: D I S M I S S.

(Advisors disappear from seats…and are seen along with David standing on a path outside the castle)

Treguard:    Farewell, David. Take with you those scrolls of proof of your short journey through the dungeon. You did well, but I’m afraid you became an awful cropper. (Team take the scrolls, one each) The path behind you leads back to your time, your world. So farewell David, James, Lucien and David.

(Team wave, turn and walk down the path and disappear)

Treguard:    Ah well, life goes on, or not as they say and there are still deeds to do before time flies. The dungeon wins and challenges still, but who should be next to pick up the gauntlet? Enter, stranger.

(Next dungeoneer – Mave – appears)

Treguard:   Who dares the dungeon next?

Mave: Mave MacAvoy.

Treguard:    Well, stand not on ceremony then or time becomes our enemy. Call your advisors to us please.

Mave: Christina, David, Lee, come!

(Team appears)

Treguard:   And name yourselves please.

Christina:   I’m Christina White, from ?? in Lancashire.

David: I’m David Walker from ?? in Lancashire.

Lee: I’m Lee Miller from Edenfield in Lancashire.

Treguard:    Well, now that we have the next victims (laughs), I mean team, we can commence. You will have read the rules of ritual on the adventurer’s code, but first, for those who merely watch, a brief reminder. Here is the Helmet of Justice, which blinds you to the way ahead. Here, the knapsack for food to feed your life force. Two objects only may you carry, if you discover objects on your quest. Choose cautiously and use magic or the weapons of your enemy with care. A word of warning: the dungeon is obscure, so any knowledge of previous quests will be of little use. Mave, your life force energy condition is green and your spirits are high, the silver spurs of squiredom await your success. But remember, once embarked the only way is onward, there is no turning back. Well Mave, are you ready to enter the quest?

Mave: Yes.

Treguard:    Very well. Turn then, face the dungeon door and step forward…


(Four door room)

Mave: Where am I?

Christina:   You’re in a room, there’s four doors – two in front and one on either side.

Mave: Right.

Christina:    And they’re locking.

(Letters appear on the floor, team describe this to Mave)

Treguard:    You’re wasting energy team. A small chance of success hereof this simple puzzle to defeat you. To open the way ahead, you seek a magic word and just as with all spells it must be spelt correctly.

(Team work out letters as spelling SESAME)

Christina:   Go straight forwards. Stop. Slightly forwards, stop. That’s it. Turn to your right.

(Team continue to guide Mave over the right letters in sequence – they’re talking over each other a bit so it’s quite hard to identify who’s talking at a certain time. Anyway, once complete, the door on the top left opens up)

Team: Turn right, walk forwards, stop.

Treguard:    Warning team! Complete temporal disruption approaching. Time is now the enemy. (Fire stops burning) Oh dear, temporal disruption complete. Time flies, as the Romans would say and although all continues in your world, here time has flown. All adventuring must now cease, until you phase with us once more. Will our team triumph on the next level, or will our dungeoneer come to a sticky end? And if so, why should you care, for here nothing is real and everything must surely be an illusion. Join us again for Knightmare. And just keep telling yourself it’s only a game, isn’t it?


(Note: I couldn't make out what was said when "??" is written down)
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Rhea »

Just watched this again last night, think it was only the second time I'd actually seen it to tell the truth, since I was about a year old when it originally showed.

I think I was more ennerved by the death image than I ever was when I was young "ooh, that's disgusting" was what I think I said to my friend on MSN while I was watching it...

And as for "Well, I'm sure you'll do, and if not, then someone will find the results amusing", it made me crack up. Treguard was so much better when he was just there and not being so nice.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by frakilk »

I know it's been said many times in this thread already but I have to get it off my chest, Olgarth was terribly hilarious in the first episode. All the rasping and heavy breathing, very funny ;D And he appeared so small also, by episode 2 they had made him the full size of the wall. I burst out laughing when he manifested.
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Re:Series 1 Episode 1

Post by knightmaredave »

yes episode 1 was higly amusing it was as if the wall monster had a v bad cold!
BY THE WAY the place names for team two were Rawtenstall and Haslingden, it's where my folks are from doesn't suprise me they didn't get v far!lol
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Re: Series 1 Episode 1

Post by Canadanne »

I've been rewatching the early episodes for the first time in a while. I hadn't previously noticed Lillith's causeway starting to disappear as David exits the room!
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