Characters that sucked in knightmare

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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by simiano »

ya i mean misstriss goody was a rubbish replacement cuz when i was watchin seris 3 i kept shouting SHUT UP FESTUS! pickle anoyed the hell out of me and after i saw what little raptor had he is really rubbish compared to skarkill
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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by darkDescender »

O.K., here goes...the five worst characters ever.

5: Majida. *dodges weapons thrown by Majida's fans* Now calm down! Both of you! Not really. I tolerated her, I just liked Pickle better.

4: Maldame. To be frank, her voice annoyed me, and i'll never forgive her for causing so much trouble for Lord F.

3: Snapper Jack. Do I really need to explain this? No. Thought not. He would have been higher, but those bloody crying doors are always hard to beat.

2: Those Bloody Crying Doors. Honestly! they're so boring! Whenever these came on, i'd just go out and get a cuppa.

1: Honesty Bartram. Simply because I'll never forgive him for trying to be Julius Scaramonger. I should add that he failed. Dismally.
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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by MagicMiranda »

"Dare I admit them!"

1)Lord Fear (great actor just his voice would get on my nerves)

2)Majida (again cos of her voice)

3)Pickle (everything about him)

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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by Golgarach »

I didn't like Mistress Goody or Fidjit. Paul Valentine should've been allowed to play Motley for series 7.
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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by Raven »

Mellisandre, she overacted too much. Also Lord Fear because all he really did was sit on his fat backside getting his croneys to stop dungeoneers. Erm... Pickle, need I say why? As far as monsters go, the floating head (the one with the bear and green hair), the blockers, pooka and brangwen.
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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by FrightKnight »

Mind you, clever evil guys like Lord Fear value their lives, so they aren't going to endanger themselves. Take the series 8 encounter, for example. Lord Fear knows when he is beaten, and runs off.

Lest we forget, Lord fear and his cronies managed to capture a few...overall, he's a great heartless evil being.

But since I never said which were my worst, here goes:

4) Pixie. I can't actually hear anything she says, as it's so high-pitched.

3) The Gatekeeper. Hey, Brian Blessed could have played the part, and it still would have been poor. Just a bit-part.

2) Elita. I just didn't like her. At all. She was just too foul-mouthed even for me.

1) Ta-da! It's the weeping doors. Used sparingly, perhaps they would have juuuuust been tolerable. However, the linear s4 meant we saw them at least once per episode.
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Re:Characters that sucked in knightmare

Post by Wolfshead »

Mistress Goody
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