Richard Bonehill

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Richard Bonehill

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I had no idea until reading David's recent article that Richard Bonehill had passed away, a key part of the original Knightmare pilot and the one who gave me his original script for it.

As previously mentioned, it was the result of a lazy day in May 2006 that had me enter the word 'Knightmare' into Google and see how far I could go before I ran out of results. After the first couple of pages there were few interesting results left, mostly mirrors of the Wikipedia article and websites unrelated to the show. After what I think was 20+ pages, I found Richard's website and couldn't believe what he had for sale.

This is the email he sent me after I asked if it was still available.
Hi Billy ,

Many thanks for your email . It is good to hear from a 'Knightmare' fan .
Yes I do have the original script for sale . The price is £20 plus £4 postage. It is for the Knightmare Pilot which was taped on 27/28th January 1987 .

I played the part of the Monk + C/K Guardian . My part involved me asking the adventurers a number of questions for them to advance to the next level . It involved two days shooting .

On the second occasion which involved 4 days work I played an invisible swordsman . For this I was dressed in a skin tight blue suit (looking like a rather peculiar Spiderman) and filmed against a blue screen . I was wielding a scimitar so the effect on screen was just a sword moving around . With today's Computer Generated Images it does seen very basic now . However at the time it was quite ground-breaking and exciting work .

I hope the above information is of interest .
Once again many thanks for getting in touch .
Best Wishes ,
I immediately confirmed the sale and pointed him to this website, and on sending me his details he replied with this:
I have just visited the Knightmare web site . Very impressive . It is interesting that people are still enthusiastic about a show that was made some time ago . Please feel free to share any information with other enthusiasts .
I did (perhaps rather cheekily) also ask him if he had any other KM memorabilia, but the script was the only thing he had :p

After some years the full script finally made it on this website, and it remains to this day one of my most treasured KM possessions. I will forever be thankful to him for allowing a previously unknown part of Knightmare's history to be shared by all.
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Re: Richard Bonehill

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Thank you for sharing these emails, Billy. I'm sorry to have been the bearer of such sad news, but glad that you made contact with Richard in the way you did.

There's a photo of (presumably) Richard in his all-blue 'C/K guardian' garb in this magazine article: one of the earliest about Knightmare.
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