male/female knightmare fans

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Re: male/female knightmare fans

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Mystara wrote:Interestingly, though, I read an article about female World of Warcraft players.
Being a fantasy RPG, you wouldn't expect girls to play it (according to the stereotypes), but many get introduced by watching a friend play and then get hooked into it. Particularly due to the social aspect.

I believe The Sims is also well known for it.
Heh, you could be describing my niece there - her online boyfriend got her into it using the free trial, she got so hooked from that she ended up buying the game card or whatever it is. I'd probably get addicted to it too if I could afford to pay it every month (I can't).
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Re: male/female knightmare fans

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Reminds me of a nice girl from Ruislip I met in Crawley town centre recently filling in some RSPCA form. We got chatting about Knightmare as she loved the show as well. It was just a day after I saw Chris on Series 6 via youtube! If only I told her about this forum. Lol
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