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by keeds
16 Nov 2005, 23:13
Forum: Cast and Crew Questions
Topic: Re:Interview with Rob from season 4 team 8
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Re:Interview with Rob from season 4 team 8

One of the few quests I enjoyed watching in series 4, along with the winning quest and the first quest of the series. My question, if it is still possible to pose one, is what the team felt about the changes between series 3 and 4? It must have surely been a shock, as whilst they knew they would exp...
by keeds
23 Oct 2005, 12:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Lucky teams
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Lucky teams

Sorry if this has already come up,but which teams do you think were lucky to progress as far as they did?I think that richard's team from s1 were very lucky as the dungeoneer was quiet and unresponsive and two of the advisors did nothing but argue!Your views?
by keeds
17 Oct 2005, 22:25
Forum: Jester's Corner
Topic: What they say and what they mean...
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Re:What they say and what they mean...

(following akash and co's early departure) "farewell team.Your quest was a short but merry one" meaning "you were bloody hopeless,leave now"
by keeds
16 Oct 2005, 20:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 2 questions
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2 questions

2 questions that i have often wondered about
1.How did they attract dungeoneers for series 1?Later series could sell on the reputation of knightmare but this wasnt the case in 1987.
2.Who was the kid on series 6-8 opening credits and how was he recruited?
by keeds
29 Jun 2005, 14:24
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Re:Knightmare Limericks
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Re:Knightmare Limericks

And for most this was a pleasant situation
by keeds
27 Jun 2005, 14:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Knightmare, success and Worcestershire County Cricket Club
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Knightmare, success and Worcestershire County Cricket Club

A bit vague I know, but its all linked... As a keen follower of Knightmare and Worcestershire, I have noticed the following pattern 1987-Knightmare begins/ Worcestershire win Sunday league 1988-WCCC win County Championship 1989-Champions again 1991-B&H Cup winners 1994-Nat West trophy winners/Kn...
by keeds
27 Jun 2005, 13:55
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: Hello all
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Hello all

Hello all, just introducing myself to the forum, I began watching Knightmare as a 5 year old in series2, but my first full memories are of series 4. I can also wax lyrical about Wolverhampton Wanderers and Worcestershire CCC
by keeds
23 Jun 2005, 12:36
Forum: Series 1
Topic: Series 1 - Episode 8
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Re:Series 1 - Episode 8

Clearly alot of editing took place, lso the Merlin/Nilrem door may have taken the team to Mogdred, as on the Series 1 credits Merlin and Mogdred are listed, yet Mogdred is never seen in the aired version of series 1