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by Skarkill
18 Nov 2003, 01:55
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Which Character Made You Laugh The Most!
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Re: Which Character Made You Laugh The Most!

Sly Hands & Snapper-Jack for me.

Now there's something I have always wounderd was Snapper-Jack actually one of Lord Fear's henchmen or was he a independent threat to quests?

Like Sly Hands in early S5.
by Skarkill
18 Nov 2003, 01:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Quotes
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Re: Quotes

Skarkill: " How will He Know? How Do you Think He'll Know He See's Everything dose Lord Fear. What Do You Think I am some sort of fool. NO Manacles for You, Manacles and I Love it, I love It, LOVLEY ." Snapper-Jack: " Snipper Snap Snipper Snap. Here comes Jack. But Fool around and he'...
by Skarkill
18 Nov 2003, 01:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Favourite Baddie
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Re: Favourite Baddie

With out a dout Top Badies are 1. Skarkill & Lord Fear 2. Snapper-Jack 3. Julius Scaramonger & Honesty Bartram 4. Sylvester "Sly" Hands 5. Lillith. (With the Highest kill rate she has to be in the list.) Here is an intresting little fact I once got the chance to play The Goblin Mas...
by Skarkill
17 Nov 2003, 17:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Classic question: Favourite Team Death?
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GRe: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

There is only 2 classics for me One Sly Hands captuer of January with his "Magic Rope" and my top favirote. Richard Trying to bribe Skarkill with a goblin Horn "GO ON Blow the Horn else I'll put the manicals on you now." Richard blows the horn and the fimilear sound comes out. &q...
by Skarkill
17 Nov 2003, 13:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Lucky 7
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Re: Lucky 7

Well here are my lucky 7 But With a twist. The Powers That Be : 1. Tregaurd 2. Pikle 3. Hordriss 4. Gwendolin & Sidriss 5. Smerkinoff 6. Mrs. Grimwold & Motley 7. Elita & Smerkinoff The Opposition : 1. Skarkill 2. Lord Fear 3. Sylvester "Sly" Hands 4. Snapper-Jack 5. Julias Sca...
by Skarkill
17 Nov 2003, 12:54
Forum: Series and Episode Discussion
Topic: 1-4 or 5-8
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Re: 1-4 or 5-8

No contest 5-8 (S4 as well because it was the first I ever Saw.) I think Knightmare began to realy hit it's stried with S5 (even though it itself was not the best) Lord Fear is in my mind the most memorable Opposition leader. I like his hoppless minions Sly Hands, Julias Scaramounger, Bahl-Sheba,Lis...
by Skarkill
17 Nov 2003, 03:11
Forum: Fan Creations
Topic: Dungeon Character with slogan
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Re: Dungeon Character with slogan

How about this (and don't grown at the cornishness of this name) Cuthbert Cut-Throat: A dungeon dwelling Highwayman with an eye-Patch and Hook for a hand his slogan could be "Stand & Deliver Dungeoneer. Your Money Or Your Quest." Oh and by the way the second Goblin Master (Series 7-8 )...
by Skarkill
17 Nov 2003, 02:05
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5
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Re: Best/worst Series 5 characters

The Best : Skarkill and Julius Scaramonger are both brilliant but Skarkill just narovaly beats Julias as the best of the two " LOVLEY " Also I am going to dissagree I like Sylvester "Sly" Hands and Gwendoline. Tregurd & Pickle, Hordriss, Lord Fear, Motley, Elita and Smerkino...
by Skarkill
17 Nov 2003, 01:47
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: Allow Me To Itroduce myself
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Allow Me To Itroduce myself

Hi there. I'm new to this site so thought I would itroduce myself. My name is Richard, Im 18 and a huge fan of Knightmare (caught the bug after seeing series 4 as a kid). You can probabley guess from my usser name who my favirote character was but I also liked From The Opposition  :-/: Snapper-Jack,...