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by FrightKnight
19 Mar 2005, 20:42
Forum: Want to Help?
Topic: Help me!: A Knightmare tribute
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Re:Help me!: A Knightmare tribute

A FrightKnight?

I like the sound of that.

But then I would, wouldn't I? ;D

Good luck in your arts + crafts skills. I couldn't even make a paper maché mountain- it collapsed.
by FrightKnight
19 Mar 2005, 20:40
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Re:3 word story
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Re:3 word story

his dingy castle

[And, a full stop]
by FrightKnight
12 Jan 2005, 11:37
Forum: Musical Parody
Topic: Dungeonshow ga ga (parody of Radio Ga Ga by Queen)
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Re:I had a silly idea...

These last lot probably have the best songs of the entire canon here! Terribly good stuff, everyone, and keep the (particularly Queen) song parodies coming!

I'd do one, but I'm hopeless at rearranging lyrics. I don't even know what the original ones are half the time. ;D
by FrightKnight
10 Jan 2005, 12:55
Forum: Fan Creations
Topic: Bad Dreem: a Knightmare spoof film
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Re:Knigtmare film on the internet!

Really quite groovy, especially the scene with the crab! Terrific! ;D
by FrightKnight
10 Jan 2005, 12:41
Forum: Website Feedback
Topic: - Server Upgrade
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Views: 3068 - Server Upgrade

Just to make sure, I have made myself fully 'RAID 1' backupable in case anything goes wrong too!
by FrightKnight
19 Dec 2004, 20:53
Forum: Jester's Corner
Topic: Things you would never SEE in the dungeons...
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Re:Things you would never SEE in the dungeons...

Moana Liza wrote: Frightknight and Drassil cracking jokes (Now that would be quite funny)
QUITE funny? Only QUITE funny?

They'd be rolling in the aisles!...trying to get out of the theatre.
by FrightKnight
16 Dec 2004, 11:53
Forum: Knightmare a la Maison
Topic: New assitant for Treguard
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Re:New assitant for Treguard

What about Mr Cosmic Handshake himself, the very much alive Ed Tudor Pole?
by FrightKnight
15 Dec 2004, 16:09
Forum: Knightmare a la Maison
Topic: New assitant for Treguard
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Re:New assitant for Treguard


...but fair. ;D

Yes, an Igor type character- like the one on Count Duckula, only with less bird-like features. Obviously.
by FrightKnight
08 Nov 2004, 17:06
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Knightmare HANGMAN
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Re:Knightmare Hangman 2

by FrightKnight
08 Nov 2004, 16:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: MOO MooOooOO Moo
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Re:MOO MooOooOO Moo

And so, the forum was moderated...thanks to the Incredibles!

(*I.E. Message above deleted.)
by FrightKnight
08 Nov 2004, 16:11
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Knightmare Dad !!!!
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Re:Knightmare Dad !!!!

9th May. One day too late by my reckoning. no, 8th May is when the little 'un should've been born!

Oh, and I'm still half here, half there, half anywhere, half nowhere...
by FrightKnight
07 Nov 2004, 22:09
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Re:Good Knews, Bad Knews
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Re:Good Knews, Bad Knews

Good Knews

Treguard knows someone who has a spell to relieve the chesty cough...
by FrightKnight
07 Nov 2004, 17:56
Forum: Jester's Corner
Topic: The Descender jamming between floors.
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Re:Stuck in a lift with...

Myself and the Boat Man *5 minutes silence* Me:"Erm, is that a new cloak you've got over your head?" BM:"Grumph." *2 more minutes silence* "I hear you cross rivers in a boat." "Murph." *17 minutes silence.* "I think I'm going insane here..." "Me...
by FrightKnight
03 Nov 2004, 18:18
Forum: Website Feedback
Topic: How about...Knightmare-type smileys?
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Re:How about...Knightmare-type smileys?

Yes, there's no demand for these...!

:-* 8) :-X

Out with you now!

I really, really liked the KM smileys. I like that chainsaw one to come here as well. Don't know how it would fit into any context, but I'm sure I'd think of something...
by FrightKnight
02 Nov 2004, 13:47
Forum: Series 7
Topic: Series 7 - Episode 1
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Re:Series 7 Episode 1 ***NO SPOILERS***

Although it's the least subtle, I like Fidjit's new nickname the most. ;D