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by Lord_fear
31 May 2003, 02:09
Forum: Knightmare on Challenge?
Topic: Challenge? Schedule Update
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Re: Challenge? Schedule Update

the things that annoy me the most, is the adverts that challenge put in when knightmare was on.
by Lord_fear
14 May 2003, 23:39
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: What age are you...?
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Re: What age are you...?

am 15 I can remember series 6 onwards I have them on video. But ive repeats on the sci fi channal and challenage? of the earlier series.
by Lord_fear
12 Mar 2003, 00:21
Forum: Knightmare on Challenge?
Topic: new series on challenge.
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new series on challenge.

What do you think the odds are for a new series of knightmare on challenge now? After all the posts on the challenge forum do u think challenge may change there minds about Knightmare? I think they should put Knightmare in the crystal mazes slot.
by Lord_fear
12 Mar 2003, 00:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Favourite End
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Re: Favourite End

Hi I also think that the end of series 7 was the best. The worst i think was the end of series 8.
by Lord_fear
12 Mar 2003, 00:08
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Fear (no, not HIM)
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Re: What characters gave you the creeps most?

:) Hi am new to these forms.and think knightmare was the best show in the world!
Those floating skulls STILL scare the crap out of me! lol