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by kev_hamster
12 Apr 2008, 00:32
Forum: Reminds me of Knightmare
Topic: Atic Atac
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Re:Atic Atac

That's really cool. Thanks for that ;D
by kev_hamster
11 Apr 2008, 00:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Take your pick
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Re:Knightmare Dream Team

The dungeoneer - by an absolute mile - Martin from series 3! He tut's his advisors, he manages to look cool in the mine cart even though he's wearing that helmet and he is hilarious all the way through his quest. The closest thing to a rock and roll dungeoneer ever seen and his (very cool) death cl...
by kev_hamster
06 Mar 2008, 23:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: characters in Knightmare
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Re:characters in Knightmare

The biggest travesty was that Fatilla only lasted one series. I found him hilarious.

"I'm gonna blip yer. Then I'm gonna blop yer!"
by kev_hamster
11 Nov 2006, 21:38
Forum: Series 3
Topic: Series 3
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Re:Why series 3 was the best

Series 3 was easily the best. It's just a shame that no team won it - especially as there were 2 excellent teams who were let down by not knowing one question. Second best would be series 8 in my view. Series 4 would be the worst, but did introduce the corridor of blades, and was the only series wit...
by kev_hamster
28 Oct 2006, 21:02
Forum: Reminds me of Knightmare
Topic: Sidestep left....
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Re:Sidestep left....

My head is now spinning
by kev_hamster
29 Jul 2006, 23:24
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Re:Knightmare was downgraded?
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Re:Knightmare was downgraded?

I would disagree, to be honest. For me, series 4 was far less interesting than series 5 - the graphics looked poor, most quests were the same and Mogred was not as effective in the new surroundings! Plus, the sword mistress, Gundrada - how irritating she was! For me, the only real plus points of 4 w...
by kev_hamster
28 Jun 2006, 20:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Re:Frightening Thoughts
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Re:Frightening Thoughts

One good thing about being older, though.

As I turn 25 in December, from February, I'll no longer have a 'young drivers excess' forced upon my car insurance.

Sad I know, but it's one comforting thought!
by kev_hamster
22 Jun 2006, 20:06
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: A little off-topic
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A little off-topic

Hi all.

I've posted a song on Soundclick, I'd like you all to check it out. It's a comedy song, and a little on the daft side, just to warn you! ... dID=540651

Click above to get to my page. ;D

Let me know what you think!
by kev_hamster
26 Apr 2006, 23:11
Forum: Fan Creations
Topic: Re:Download Knightmare Game Here!
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Re:DJ OSKA Knightmare PC game latest!!

I'm downloading the game now. Will give feedback when I've had the chance to play it.

I must say, seeing the screenshots it does look very cool!
by kev_hamster
18 Feb 2006, 20:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: When Did Knightmare "Jump The Shark" For You?
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Re:When Did Knightmare "Jump The Shark" For You?

Series 4 & 5 for me were not so good, series 4 particularly as there was little difference between the quests, and the irritating-as-hell weeping doors. However, Series 4 did have Fatilla (who never failed to amuse me) and of course was the first appearance of the legendary corridor of blades. I...
by kev_hamster
22 Jan 2006, 11:24
Forum: Knightmare on Challenge?
Topic: Re:Series 4 and 5 on Challenge
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Re:Series 4 and 5 on Challenge

This again emphasises the need for a DVD release.

If it's not shown on challenge, and you're not lucky enough to have copies you've already taped, how do you watch it?

This is not good. And I don't even have Challenge!
by kev_hamster
21 Jan 2006, 13:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Quotes
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Re:Favourite quotes

Pickle's 'Bog Off' to the watchers is a favourite of mine.

Totally unexpected and brilliantly said!
by kev_hamster
20 Jan 2006, 12:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Good and bad advisors
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Re:Good and bad advisors

As for the best teams not to win. Both from series 3 - Leo's team (team 4 I think), and the other team who *nearly* made it. They were one of the last teams and were from Yorkshire - can't remember names. That team in particular amused me, by annoying their dungeoneer by whispering, and were told by...
by kev_hamster
20 Jan 2006, 12:42
Forum: Fan Creations
Topic: Another KM roleplay forum
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Re:Knightmare Roleplay forum - is it dead?

Ok, it seems that my post have breathed a little life back into the roleplay forum, which of course is great!

Now, if there are any mods for that forum, could you please approve my account!!!!!

Many thanks!
by kev_hamster
17 Jan 2006, 12:41
Forum: Jester's Corner
Topic: Favourite computer games
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Re:Favourite computer games

Gundrada - Barbarian (maybe Golden Axe)
Mrs Grimwold - Cauldron (C64 classic!)

Can't think of any more at the mo