Mark Knight to join Knightmare Live this Friday @ 4:30pm

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Mark Knight to join Knightmare Live this Friday @ 4:30pm

Post by JamesA » Thu Sep 03, 2020 9:33 pm

Apologies for the short notice - just a heads up that Mark Knight (aka Lord Fear) will be joining Paul Flannery on Knightmare Live this coming Friday afternoon (Friday 4th September) for some games and discussion.

This will be on Mr Flannery's recently started channel on Twitch, so be sure to tune in if you are able to!
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Re: Mark Knight to join Knightmare Live this Friday @ 4:30pm

Post by Drassil » Sat Sep 05, 2020 4:42 pm

Video of the session (wrongly labelled Mind Pub):

I enjoyed the interview with Mark, which yielded some new biographical details and included mentions of the convention and Lord Fear's Midnight Hunt. (Alan, you had the honour of being referred to by name and not as "Doctor Dork".) Mark as always got into the spirit of things with a range of video backgrounds.

This was an ambitious stream by Paul, involving multiple guests, multiple audio and split screens. At certain points, the technomagic was not working in his favour. I'm sure many of us would have faced the same challenges and that future sessions will become more polished, just as the Knightmare Live stage shows did. Next Friday's interviewee will be Cliff Barry (Lissard, Raptor, Brother Strange).

I have to make one quite negative comment. The episode watch-through was Series 5 Episode 1, including Gwendoline the Greenwarden's debut, during which one person commented: 'MORE ACTING PLEASE'. Paul laughed out loud at this, read it out and added, "Well yes". He seemed to have forgotten his Twitch channel's Chat Rules, which start with 'Please be nice'. Gwendoline may not be real but the person who played her is: I've met Juliet and she's lovely. If, as a young actor (as Paul was once), her first scene in Knightmare wasn't world class, surely that is excusable? I hope next time that Paul will ignore or challenge any such displays of unkindness, instead of seeming to endorse them.

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Re: Mark Knight to join Knightmare Live this Friday @ 4:30pm

Post by Mashibinbin » Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:22 pm

Thanks for posting this.

Much as it's nice to acknowledge the past by putting this show in the former hallowed place of CITV slots of yore the majority of watchers are going to be unable to see this live as we're going to be working be it in the office/or at home etc and won't have the ability to do so. If anyone is watching please feel free to put this suggestion forward.

I echo that there is no need to be openly critical of actors abilities or lack thereof in a public setting and equally not to endorse others lack of positivity here. It's not the way to endear yourself to a fanbase.

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